"Pru Goward pulls the trigger on Weapons of Mass Destruction"

Pru Goward has done absolutely NOTHING to clean up the corruption of DOCS NSW so far. Caseworkers are still stealing children from innocent parents, are still not accountable for their corruption and criminal misconduct and RESTORATION is NOT happening!

She has a political opportunity to stop the New Stolen Generation BY DOCS but instead she is choosing to ignore the atrocities being committed daily to children in care and innocent parents by her Department.

Her only achievement so far is to make a deal with big business NGO's and hand them millions of dollars to continue their abuse of children in care as they have done for decades and none of these NGO's will have any intention of restoring children to the rightful care of their parents because that would be bad for their business which is to make money so they will focus only on increasing the number of children they manage and concentrate on doing the least they possibly can for the children to improve their profit margins....NGO's are a proven weapon of mass destruction and history will evidence that Pru Goward pulled the trigger and destroyed the New Stolen Generation by DOCS NSW.

Stop destroying lives ... BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME

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