"Why are DoCS Caseworkers only interested in cases of "alleged" abuse by bio-parents and not foster-carers"


In the world of "Child Protection" one has to wonder the above question.  I mean seriously, if Child Protection workers are truly interested in protecting children, then why do they constantly ignore and coverup abuse of children whom they have placed?  Wouldn't it make more sense to just address the issue, and maybe even admit that they have made a mistake instead of blatantly covering up what has happened, or even worse, ignoring what is going on just because DoCS have made a bad placement.

So many children are being left in Out of Home Care placements where there is abuse, including sexual abuse.  Life Without Barriers and the Department of Community Services recently left a child in a placement where she was sexually abused by a visiting family member, yet they take children from their mothers for exactly the same incident happening, stating that they failed to protect their children?

Recent video footage shows department caseworkers jumping straight into gathering details of a child who is still with his mother after the father stated that she is a schizophrenic, however in the same conversation when he referred to his other child who is in the care of the department, has been sexually abused and was even taken to the hospital with bite marks on his penis, the caseworkers didn't even care.  They did not gather details of the children, they just completely ignored the fact that this child was in need of some form of intervention, much more so than the child with the mother who is an (alleged) schizophrenic.

Video footage cannot be disputed, it doesn't lie and it clearly shows departmental staff ignoring abuse of children because they are in an out of home placement that the department has chosen, yet they were most eager to jump onto the mother who had the child in her care - who hadn't been taken to hospital with bite marks on his penis.

This type of behaviour is so wrong, and so common and it's about time that the Minister for Child Protection started cleaning house and getting rid of those workers who are more concerned with their own ego's than the children they are being paid to protect.


#3 RE: Why are DoCS Caseworkers only interested in cases of "alleged" abuse by bio-parents and not foster-carersOccupyDocsNSW 2012-09-24 20:55
Nothing ever changes does it.

Foster carers are raping _ beating and mentally torturing children in thier care and our government condones it _ supports it and covers it up everytime.

+4 #2 RE: Why are DoCS Caseworkers only interested in cases of "alleged" abuse by bio-parents and not foster-carersChildrens Advocate 2012-09-14 08:10
DoCs/FACS NSW and thier NGO's will go to any legnth to cover up Children being ABUSED by thier Foster Carers.

Children removed from thier loving mothers after Domestic Violence reports are wittnessing Domestic Violence in thier Foster Care placements and DoCS cover it up ..because Foster Carers are thier employees.

This destructive Dpt is also covering up serious Sexual Abuse of Children by thier Foster Carers. They refuse to remove these Abused Children because of Criminal compensation payments to the child once they leave care, not to mention the ongoing publicity it creates for the Dpt.

FosterCare abuse is RAMPANT in NSW Child Protection.

When will this Dpt be brought to accountability and transparency.

Young caseworkers are exiting the Dpt due to bullying and cover ups of FosterCare abuses...its not what they signed up for.
+4 #1 Mswilltheyeverstop 2012-09-13 17:51
Not a fortnight out of Court and Maxine Everson continues to play games and denigrate the Mother.This time she will not escape cross examination.

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