Pru Goward - Minister for Community Services, Chair Shiners, Child Slavery, Collosal Stuff-ups!

Its been over a year since Pru Goward started receiving her Ministerial pay packet .

But Pru Goward is just another puppet on a string viz Theatrical Prop for Department of Community Services NSW.

This is a woman who stated how badly she wanted this portfolio, and also stated that children would start going home. Yet children have already lost their lives on her watch and now the abusers of the past NGO's are being handed innocent children on a platter that will bring them Billions over the next few years.

Why doesn't Pru Goward sit down for a chat with a few Forgotten Australians, Child Migrants, Stolen Generation and Forced Adoption Victims and hear of the rape, buggery, beatings and trauma that was caused by NGO's.

Community Services NSW are out of control and have come become addicted to using Families and their Innocent Children as commodities/pots of gold. And to make things far worse ... Pru is more than happy to sacrifice the innocent lives of thousands of Children in care to the past abusers (The current NGO's who Pru Goward transferring out of home care to) - who have already destroyed over 500,000 children in this country alone , let alone the millions they've destroyed world wide.

History repeats and is repeating on Pru's watch.  How bloody shameful this country is and to think all that needs to be done is to look back on the dirty stigmas and learn how never to repeat them.  Hence ..........here we go again .....SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN under State and Church.

Social cleansing is alive and well in NSW along with State Enforced Child Trafficking.


+1 #1 RE: PRU GOWARDGuest 2012-04-02 15:47
The thing i find utterly disgusting with FACS NSW aka DoCS is that we have now seen FIVE FEMALE Community Services Minister's walk in and out of this position over the last 15 years without NOT ONE SINGLE POSITIVE THING BEING DONE about the shameful state of the SYSTEMIC abuses within the NSW Child Protection Dpt. If anything during their stints it has become FAR WORSE considering female ministers have held the relm.

How bloody disappointing.. .SHAME ON YOU WOMEN who have done nothing regarding the INSTILLED CORRUPTION of this woeful Dpt.

You would expect the likes of Kevin Green to sit on his hands and corrupt public employees abuse thousands of families and their innocent children ...but as a woman my female peers in NSW Parliament have failed the Social and Mental Welfare of literally thousands of victims via Domestic Violence.

They have and continue to allow the common theft of Domestic Vilence victims children in order to assist the profiteers working within this dreaded system , be it court employees, legal fraternity, Medical practitioners, drug companies, and all those employed at Strawberry Hills and Ashfield.
Not forgetting the thousands of caseworkers who are being trained in corruption m bullying and victimisation in order to win the court cases and make as many innocent children State Wards ( Pots of Gols ) as they possibly can.

Forced Adoptions under these female Community Services Ministers are on the RISE. The drugging of Children in care is on the RISE and the amount of Children who are being taken into care who do not warrant State Care is on the RISE.

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