Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS worst caseworker finally sacked!

A big thank you for the DoCS Management who finally sacked Chrystal Bell from the Cootamundra DoCS Office.  Chrystal Bell, a young DoCS Worker, originally joined the neonazi child stealers to have her own child returned after she fell victim to the department some years ago.

Chrystal Bell had over 200 complaints about her work ethics in just a few short years, but it took this many official complaints before something was done.  What ever happened to the three warnings that government workers used to get, before they were given the boot?  This is why we call it child trafficking and not child protection, which it is supposed to be.

One can only imagine how many other workers the department is fully aware  of that should not be working anywhere near our states most vulnerable, so the question is why do they keep them?  Or is it that if they got rid of the dirty ones, there would be no DoCS workers left?

People are always saying how high a turn over there is but always put the spin as it is because of the amount of abuse the workers are subject to.  From what alecomm sees, only the good workers are leaving because they refuse to work with case managers who lie and mislead the courts and are rewarded continually for stealing kids from fit parents.

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#9 Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS Worst Caseworker SACKED!Guest 2014-02-21 20:09
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+2 #8 RE: Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS Worst Caseworker SACKED!Guest 2014-01-29 09:27
Moree Docs i would say is the worst they inform their family when something is going to happen so they can get out of town, they have children in their care and their partners are junkies and sells to potential clients ,one case workers grand daughter had a baby at 12 all of the workers need to be sacked and never allowed to work in community services again.
+3 #7 RE: Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS Worst Caseworker SACKED!Guest 2011-02-23 01:00
yee haa, yes about time... crystal bell, was talking about my daughters case, to general members of the public,, whilst at the club, Yet she was NOT even baby girls caseworker, & the thug that was SAID she was not here to take my baby, Yet 5 days later she stole my very precious baby girl... :lol: ROT IN HELL
+6 #6 RE: Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS Worst Caseworker SACKED!Guest 2011-01-06 08:31
It appears that Cootamundra DoCs office is not the only unethical Government Dpt in the town. There's lots of talk and chitter chatter of CORRUPT Local Government Officials ...Family Nepetism and higher up unethical and corrupt people running the town.
#5 Guest 2011-01-01 01:15
It is appalling that this site has lost insight to its actual task. Placing unknown facts of any person on here has happened way too many times whether it be a DoCs worker or parent. This site also has an area to make complaints about DoCs workers and your complaint on the name and shame register. What this story does make the owner of the alecomm site no different to any DoCs caseworker that she denigrates everyday. This owner of the site has not placed in the correct information and participated in an act that harms children and others for her own self benefit with the excuse its another persons story and they have to be respected well I ask this question where is the respect for the other parents and their children that this behaviour indirectly affects and the children of any DoCs caseworker who is singled out and crucified. Where is the rights to their children not being victimized by the owner of this site just to be heard at the expense of every person who is affected by this. You should be ashamed as you are no better than these very same people and you are acting in the identical way DoCs workers do. This site should be completely closed down it has no benefits to anybody it helps nobody and doesn't get parents children back so again I will say what is it Marney you have to gain by causing pain to the innocent and to top it off a good journalist checks out their source of information before publishing it to ensure it is authentic and not just some scorned parent going too far after all why have the name and shame register when you only point out one person and do an article when there are hundreds more who parents who grief with but are not being heard you are a self centered and very selfish person who certainly needs a wake up call when hurting others to gain your own goal Karma will come
-8 #4 RE: Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS Worst Caseworker SACKED!Guest 2010-12-22 19:11
I have never seen such lies! I hope this is taken to court for defermation as what is written about this Caseworker is lies.
-11 #3 RE: Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS Worst Caseworker SACKED!Guest 2010-12-22 19:08
When placing information on this website please ensure that it is FACT! I know Crystal Bell as a great Caseworker that has shown great respect and understanding to my family. I know for a FACT that what you aresaying is wrong......she is not sacked and is returning after she has her annual leave. This website should only contain the TRUTH and not full on liars that will end up in the court of law for defamation of character. So MRS P wake up!
+6 #2 RE: Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS Worst Caseworker SACKED!Guest 2010-12-08 18:16
Keep those complaints comming as eventually DOCS have to listen to the truth. I hope all the caseworkers at the Coota office who lie (and other offices)will soon lose their jobs too.
+8 #1 RE: Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS Worst Caseworker SACKED!Guest 2010-12-07 19:07
ONE DOWN 250 to GO !

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