Reforms will ensure children don't spend their whole childhoods in care

Liberal MLC Mathew Mason-Cox’s stinging criticisms of the Berejiklian government’s handling of the troubled — and supposedly under-funded — Family and Community Services portfolio contains blind spots about the real problems in the $2 billion child protection system and the changes under way to fix them.

But they should take the children away…

Despite the worsening crisis in indigenous child welfare, the Aboriginal industry is continuing to make the same misleading claims about the causes and nature of the crisis.

As reported by the Australian, the number being removed into ‘out of home care’ has doubled over the last decade from 3.2 per cent to 6.5 per cent of all indigenous children. The fact that so many indigenous families are evidently incapable of properly caring for the more than 15,000 indigenous children that currently live in care reflects a deepening national tragedy. The reality that so many need to be rescued shows that many indigenous communities are spiralling into social chaos and dysfunction — despite the tens-of-billions of dollars spent annually on Indigenous services.