DoCS Wollongong successfully win court orders to place children with a convicted paedophile.

It is rumoured, that today DoCS put three kids with their convicted paedophile father at Wollongong.  DoCS said "we know he [Raymond] is a convicted paedophile.  But he has changed.  He has been to jail for the conviction".

He has groomed the same children, his own children, for paedophile purposes.  DoCS have taken the three children from their grandparents, to put them with their paedophile father.

DoCS have refused to give counselling and support to their grandparents.

It does make you wonder though, doesn't it.  Paedophiles get access and custody of innocent children - thanks to retarded DoCS workers, murderers of babies get contact with their other children, yet innocent parents who control-freak DoCS workers don't like have their children hidden from them until they're eighteen years old.

Is there a decision ever made by this department that IS in the best interest of ANY child!

Judge calls for reform after Family Court ruling





A family court judge has lashed out at flaws in the system after he was forced to allow a seven-year-old girl to live with her father, despite the fact that she told a court psychiatrist that he had sexually abused her.

According to a report by the Australian, the Family Court judge who presided over the custody battle had no choice but to give the father custody of the child as the Tasmanian Department of Human Services had failed to intervene in the care of the girl and her nine-year-old brother. 

But federal family law judges have no power to force state child welfare departments to intervene in particular cases.

Judge Robert Benjamin slammed the “arcane division” between the state’s child welfare and the federal family court system for leaving children exposed to “abuse and neglect” in his judgment, calling for law reform by state and commonwealth policymakers.

The girl alleged that her father hurt her by touching her “in the wrong places”, an assessment by a court-appointed child psychiatrist found there was a “concerning constellation of risk factors for sexual abuse present”. 

The risks included the daughter’s disclosure of abuse to her mother and a non-family member, the children’s sexualised behaviour, the father’s interest in teenage partners and his high use of pornography.

Denver Human Services caseworker claims she was forced to lie about placing child with sex offender

DENVER - A Denver Human Services caseworker has claimed under oath that she was forced to place a child in a home where he was later abused. She claims that she expressed concerns about the decision, but her supervisor told her she would be fired if she went "against the department."

The boy, who was 12 at the time, was placed in the care of his father, Tiercel Duerson, despite Duerson's prior conviction in 2005 for attempted sexual assault on his 15-year-old stepdaughter. Duerson refused to complete his sex offender treatment program and eventually served time in jail.

A DHS investigation later found that Duerson sexually assaulted the boy during the placement. A criminal investigation into those incidents is pending. Duerson is currently in custody on charges of failing to register as a sex offender.