Sex abuse rife in Vic residential care

Most days in Victorian residential care, a child is sexually abused or exploited.

About twice a day, a child in the state's residential care system self harms or attempts suicide.

A damning report from the Victorian Commissioner for Children and Young People found the child protection system is "broken" and especially failing indigenous children.

It recorded 246 incidents in 2018/19 of children in residential care being subject to sexual abuse or exploitation by people outside their unit, as well as 63 incidents from within their units.

'If I don't come home I will just die': Letters reveal child's pleas to get away from her abusers

Abusers job or title:: Fostercarers

“I hate this place. Steve is an a---hole ... I cry myself to sleep every night. This place makes me frightened. It’s just not the same as being home. If I don’t come home I will just die.”

As a young girl, Kelly* wrote letters to her parents pleading with them to remove her and her brother Adam* from a Perth group home where they were wards of the state and allegedly abused by their carers.

Kelly wrote letters to her parents pleading to be removed from the Doubleview Group Home where her and her brother were allegedly abused.

Kelly wrote letters to her parents pleading to be removed from the Doubleview Group Home where her and her brother were allegedly abused.CREDIT:GRAPHIC

Kelly would threaten to run away from the state government-operated Doubleview Group Home, and on one occasion did just that before being brought back to the northern suburbs facility against her will.

Abuser Name or Alias:: Stephen and Susan Gale
Abusers Organisation:: Perth DCP - Doubleview Group Home
Type of Abuse:: Sexual

How the child protection system failed to keep Maggie safe

To remove or not to remove? Knowing when to take a child out of a toxic environment is a fraught question.

Maggie* was just 13 when authorities removed her from her family and took her to a motel room.

She left with a single plastic bag containing a change of clothes.

She was scared, lonely and unsure about what would happen next.

Separated from her mother, grandmother and siblings for the first time, hugging a soft pillow was the only thing that brought comfort.

Child protection authorities believed they were removing Maggie for her own good.

But over the next four years as a ward of the state, she spiralled into a world of alcohol, drugs and sexual abuse in a system that was meant to protect her.

Families SA, another suicide, rape in care and family destruction

So I have 8 children, one got taken into family's sa care, we fought for a year and a half to get him home.

During that year and a half our son was in their care they failed my son.

During the first three weeks he was in DCP care he had a threesome and filmed it, our son was 11 at the time, he was injected with heroin by another teenager at the same resi care unit.

Our son was befriended by a clown busking in the mall, bought him and another child from care cigarettes and took them to the hotel, got his drug dealer around, drugged them raped them and dumped them on the wch doorstep unconscious.

DCP failed to notify us, we found out through an article called the unplacables, page 10 then I called the editor and talked and cried the editor contacted police media and they confirmed our son was involved..

Now just going back to that God awful night that clown rang us, he refused to return the boys as they were on missing persons..
That guy rang us and refused to let us speak to our son. I gave police his number. At the time we knew nothing that had taken place..



8 months later, one of our sons say his brother sexually abused him.

Four of my son's were sexually abused cops says, but they only interviewed two of them...

Ten days short of a year our 12 year old son walked out the room and hung himself from his bunk bed.

Thanks to his dad not giving up trying to resuscitate our baby, he was gone,Ambulance workers worked tirelessly he was placed into a coma on a ventilator.. two days later family's sa took my children from my care.

I hung myself where my son did, I was detained.

I had a massive breakdown...

I love my children with my everything and I want them home..
My children did not need to be taken away..

Yes I needed some help because of family's sa with holding information...

Since my children got taken into care they have suffered. We have all suffered...

Trying to stay strong ♥

Abuser Name or Alias:: Residential Care
Abusers Organisation:: Families SA
Type of Abuse:: Sexual, Neglect, Emotional, Psychological or Mental, Death
Matter Resolved?: No, Ongoing

NYC moves to protect children at foster care intake center after I-Team Report

The Administration for Children’s Services has announced it will take new steps to protect children at the Nicholas Scoppetta Children’s Center in Manhattan after two insiders shared alarming details with the News 4 I-Team about conditions inside.

The workers, requesting anonymity, described chaos, physical fighting, and overcrowding inside the building which serves as the official foster care intake center for ACS. The employees say they are particularly concerned about a dangerous mix of babies and young children with special needs living alongside troubled teens and even adults straight out of jail. 

Coast teenage girl left to “rot in squalor”

The Gold Coast girl left to rot in squalor shines a light on child safety crisis

The Bulletin has revealed residential housing, where children cannot be fostered out, was failling to deliver adequate food and care to some children as profit-hungry agencies rort the system under the watch of Child Safety.

Almost one in ten children in NSW residential care were sexually abused in a single year, shocking new figures reveal

SOCIAL services departments are failing in their duty to care for our most vulnerable children, as shocking new figures show almost one in 10 kids in residential care homes in NSW were sexually abused in a single year.

The horrific statistic follows revelations by The Daily Telegraph last week that 41-year-old Coffs Harbour carer Dennis Kelly was facing ­charges of raping a 13-year-old girl living at a care home on the NSW north coast.  Children living in residential care centres are among the most vulnerable in the community because they are deemed too unstable to be housed with a family.

And although they make up less than five per cent of all out-of-home-care children — the rest live with foster parents or relatives — they account for a third of all claims of sexual abuse against foster children made to the royal commission into child abuse.