Foster kids are feral little f**ks

Alecomm had a visitor to its property this afternoon, in a brand spanking (all-but) new Toyota Landcruiser.  Bloody Beautiful it was too.  Number Plates on the front of the vehicle bent completely over so you could not read them at all and 3 or 4 very young kids in the back.  The number plates for this vehicle was AH29BQ.

Upon noticing that i seen the kids in the back, he said "oh, yeh, the kids" ... to which i replied "are they yours?"  -- a common question to ask these days considering how many stolen children are floating around the country for anybody to make a good living off (i mean seriously, just take a look at the vehicle this guy was driving). 

Anyway, this guys immediate response was "nah, foster kids.  Feral little fucks too they are".  How absolutely disgusting.  Oh, shit, i just realised, that these victim children are this mans meal ticket, compliments of us tax paying schmucks who are too stupid to know whats going on in the big wide world.

Can you imagine, (and not to mention) that he left all these children unattended and completely out of his site (now we know why - because they're not his flesh or blood, so why should he give a rats' about whether or not its illegal and or dangerous to leave those "Feral Little Fucks" alone and unattended in a vehicle.  Not to mention, if this is how this pig speaks about those poor innocent children to a complete stranger - how must he treat them at home.  I shudder just thinking about it.

Alecomm initally decided to put a risk of harm out on the vehicle but what is the point.  DOCs generally only take kids from fit parents and when you report abuse about a foster carer or anybody else, they don't care because god forbid anybody they place children with would ever abuse them.  Have you taken a good look at the amount kids that are murdered in the hands of Child Protection Agencies each and every year.  The governments spills its propaganda everywhere and tells the blind that there were 150 kids that died last year that were "known" to the department.  But what they don't tell you was if they were murdered by their parents, or whether they were murdered whilst under the care of the department.  The ignorant say "thats terrible" but dont have a clue whats really going on, and all that publicity (bullshit and propaganda) is nothing more than a ploy to suck more funds out of government coffers.

Are you aware that NSW Child Traffickers alone, get ALMOST more money than the total amount of welfare recipients in Australia?  Are you aware that there could not be more than a ten thousand people who (between them) get over 2 billion dollars?, whilst over a million australians get the same amount of money (between them).  Hmmmm...  And people actually think that the money that goes into child protection actually goes into child protection.  Don't be so stupid, it goes to lawyers, child stealers, and corporations like catholiccare and angliccare who have been abusing children, and been being protected by our government for over 50 years now. Shame Shame Shame.


#3 To "What a load of crock" CommentGuest 2013-05-13 11:11
I am a NSW Registered Justice of Peace. I am happy to file an affidavit into any court with which i stated above.

Anybody naive enough to state what i :eek: have pushed is a "load of crock" is either a child protection worker or a foster carer.

Take your pick. And dont be so cowardly to not send you email address so we can have a more open discussion on the subject - that is unless you're just here to feed the propaganda machine.
#2 RE: Foster Kids are Feral Little FucksGuest 2011-03-29 19:23
what a load of crock
+1 #1 RE: Foster Kids are Feral Little FucksGuest 2010-07-21 16:52
Follow the money trail.

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