The unfairness of men dominating womens sports

This has gone way too far.

You know it when you sign up to play in a local women’s soccer competition and find yourself playing against, and losing to, teams made up of biological males.

That’s what happened to the women who signed up to play in a pre-season female soccer tournament in North West Sydney. 

The competition has a $1000 first prize.

And guess which team won it this year?

The team that is playing with five biological males on the field.

They won every game they played in the four week tournament.

One of its male players scored six goals in a game! They went on to thrash their opponents 10-nil. 

How is that fair?

Unless something changes, women will start opting out of playing altogether, and women’s sport will cease to exist.

The activists are already trying their hardest, targeting anyone who speaks up about this issue. I’ve had five legal actions brought against me because I’ve spoken up about the unfairness of biological males playing in women’s sport, and there are now several more that have been launched.

Now is not the time to back down. 

Your contribution right now will fund a social media advertising campaign that will raise awareness of this issue with hundreds of thousands of mums and dads across Australia. 

The more people who speak up, the greater the pressure we can put on politicians.

It’s time to stand with the girls and women who are facing penalties for refusing to play against males in their women-only competitions.

The more people who hear this message, the more the sporting bodies will be forced to stop the unfairness of males playing in women’s sports. 

So please, give generously to Binary’s $162,000 end of financial year appeal and let’s together reclaim women’s sport for all women and girls. 

You and I can make a difference and ensure that women’s sport is protected.

Yours in celebrating men and women,

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman

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