Geoff Thomas - Queensland Public Trustee Abuse: “Withholding my RediCard”

May 8, 2011:  Australian citizen, who fled to New Zealand, to escape the clutches of the Queensland Public Trustee, & Adult Guardian, who have been treating him with contempt, and violating his basic human rights for the last decade! He has two brain tumours, two kidney tumours and epilepsy…

Queensland Public Trustee Bullies – Confiscating CentreLink Pension

May 12, 2011 : Disgusting behaviour demonstrated by Tanya Vellacott, Michelle Vichi, & Tim Feeley, senior Queensland Public Trustee Officers, who confiscated a disabled person’s CentreLink pension without notifying him or have made any steps to remedy this issue. He has two brain tumours, two kidney tumours and epilepsy!!

Public Trustee Queensland Illegally Stole My Funds

Jun 7, 2011 : Director of Client Services, Public Trustee, Queensland, steals money illegally from a disabled person. Tim Feeley and his senior associates, Tanya Vellacott, Public Trustee Manager in Toowoomba, Queensland and Robert Moran, Deputy Director of Client Services, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, were directed by Tim Feeley to make this disabled person submit to their bullying tactics. The subject’s basic human rights were taken away from him and was treated with contempt and disrespect for over a decade. The subject suffers from a VERY rare illness called “tuberous sclerosis”. So rare, that only a handful of doctors worldwide have specialised in diagnosing and can suggest ways to alleviate the associated problems. There is no cure for this illness. The subject, over a number of years has developed two brain tumours and two kidney tumours due to tuberous scleroses” The inexcusable thing about this situation, is that The Public Trustee and Adult Guardian, Queensland (who work hand in hand), did not research or even try to understand the subject’s illness, in fact they just ignored his special needs and decided for a quick fix. That quick fix was to commit the subject to Baille Henderson Hospital, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, a mental institution, for the remainder of his life. The Adult Guardian Queensland officers in charge of the subject’s well being and accommodation needs were Jane Antoine and Kelly Durston. They both displayed contempt for the subject, treated him like he was brain dead (no capacity), as they called it, and offered no long term solution for his future. The subject’s sister, who lives in New Zealand, heard about the subjects plight, and had to fight the Queensland bureaucracy tooth and nail to get him out of Australia…that’s another story!!! The subject’s sister is his new Enduring Power Of Attorney, however, the Public Trustee, Queensland are refusing to co-operate in any way or to admit that they NO LONGER hold a Power Of Attorney over him. He has approx. AUD $20,000 in Public Trustee accounts that are illegally being held, because they refuse to take instructions from his sister, who is his new, legally appointed Power Of Attorney…

The Public Trustee Of Queensland Can Illegally Rob You Blind

Jun 14, 2011 - Robert Moran, Deputy Director of Client Services, Public Trustee Queensland confiscates two accounts illegally. The subject is disabled. He has a rare illness “tubular sclerosis” that the Public Trustee Queensland, (Tim Feeley, Director of Client Services, Robert Moran, Deputy Director of Client Services of Brisbane & Tanya Vellacott , Manager, Toowoomba branch, failed to research, before they decided on a “quick fix” solution, which was to commit the subjent to Baillie Henderson Hospital, Toowoomba, for the remainder of his life. The subject was appointed several Adult Guardians, most of them were strangers, and he was very rarely visited by any of them. Saying “hello” and “goodbye” is all the care he ever received for over a decade. The Adult Guardians who abused and treated him with contempt were Kelly Durston & Jane Antoine from Brisbane, Queensland. Tubular sclerosis over the years has caused two brain tumours and two kidney tumours and there is no cure for this illness. If it wasn’t for his sister who came over from New Zealand to assist him to flee the clutches of the Public Trustee & Adult Guardian, he would have surely died prematurely at Baillee Henderson Hospital, Toowoomba, Australia. Now, he has settlet in a new country and a new family to look after him, he is faced with the problem of the Public Trustee Queensland refusing to hand over his accounts, The Public Trustee are NO LONGER his Enduring Power of Attorney. On the 19th May 2011, the subjects Power of Attorney was legally handed over handed over to his sister. THE ABOVE MENTIONED SENIOR PUBLIC SERVANTS HAVE NOT BEEN HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR WRONG DOINGS. THEY THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH TREATING DISABLED PEOPLE WITH DISRESPECT …SO, LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

Public Trustee Queensland Robs Me Of $43,000

Jul 14, 2011 : Senior officers of the Public Trustee Queensland, namely Tim Feeley, Director Of Client Services, Robert Moran, Acting Assistant Director Of Client Services, Clinton Miles, Deputy Director Client Services, and Tanya Vellacott, Branch Manager, Toowoomba Office, have banded together to conspire to rob $43,000 from the subjects investment accounts. The $43,000 should have been paid into the subjects bank account, when the Public Trustee Queensland were legally removed as the subject’s “Power Of Attorney” The subjects sister who resides in New Zealand is the subjects new “Power Of Attorney” However, trying to get the message accross to these senior officers to release the subject’s money, is like talking to a brick wall. They have a lack of “capacity” to understand simple instructions. They seem to think that they are still his “Power Of Attorney” The $43,000 was NEVER EVER the Public Trustee’s money and the above named senior officers have been holding on to the cash to use as a “trump” card. They obviously need this “trump” card, to use as a means of getting out of all the “hot water” they have got themselves into, i.e. mismanaging the subjects affairs for over a decade…When questioned as to why they were acting in such a disgusting way, the don’t reply. The subject is not surprised at this. He simply shrugs his shoulder and says “The Public Trustee, Queensland are known to treat disabled people with contempt and disrespect and get away with it, because they are NOT ANSWERABLE to anyone and can wield their “POWER” over him because of his disability” The subject has tuberous sclerosis, an illness that will never improve. He has two brain tumours and two kidney tumours. The brain tumours cause epileptic seizures, that have increased over the last few months, because of the extra stress the Public Trustee Of Queensland have caused. The subject and hhis new “Power Of Attorney” have asked the Public Trustee Of Queensland to RESIGN, numerous times. They NEVER reply to specific questions. Instead, they prefer to HIDE and send another senior officer to harass and ignore him. The number of senior Public Trustee officers (see above) the Public Trustee Of Queensland have used to put down a disabled person, is astounding. It appears they hatch these officers in their back office, train them up to become “mean son’s of bitches” and then set them loose amoungst the disabled public. The Public Trustee’s “quick fix”, all along, was to incarcerate the subject to Baillie Henderson Hospital, Toowoomba, for the remainder of his life. That’s the Public Trustee Of Queensland for you. They make up rules to suit themselves, they are NOT “squeeky clean” as they would like you to believe and their disgustting behaviour towards disabled people would make your hair stand on edge….

Source : https://nswtgexposed.com.au/geoff-thomasgeoff-thomas/?fbclid=IwAR2KfvzQUf1bTj1fhRdDqrYxh7gKDXQylIwspKMSCwxRX0kiD1LW4d8ddn8

Abuser Name or Alias:: Tanya Vellacott, Michelle Vichi and Tim Feeley - Senior Officers
Abusers Organisation:: Queensland Public Trustee
Type of Abuse:: Financial
Matter Resolved?: No, Ongoing

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