Family Financial Disclosures Form for Covid-19 Injections


Disclaimer: This form is provided to facilitate effective family due diligence, communication, and planning. It is essential that each person and each family take responsibility to identify and access the information they believe to be most relevant to their situation and decisions, and take responsibility to assess and manage their individual and collective risk as they believe best.


The goal of this Family Financial Disclosure Form is to ensure that an adverse event or death of one family member does not translate into long-lived or permanent financial destruction for the entire family.

This form was created to assist families to communicate regarding and to prepare for the family-wide financial impact of adverse events, if any, resulting from a Covid-19 injection. Reported adverse events following Covid-19 injections include: death; anaphylaxis; blood clots and related complications; leaky blood vessels and related complications; heart problems (myocarditis and pericarditis); neurological disorders; autoimmune disorders; other chronic and inflammatory conditions; blindness and deafness; infertility; fetal damage; miscarriage and stillbirth; and Covid-19.

Traditionally, informed consent forms for vaccination do not provide disclosure or statistics related to financial costs of possible injury, disability, or death, nor do they discuss the impact on family time, resources, health, and wealth—impacts that may include reduced career potential, divorce, or effects on the education and future plans of other family members.

Consequently, it is essential that prior to receiving a Covid-19 injection, parents and family members with financial responsibility for children and spouses not only do thorough due diligence—providing adequate disclosures to their families regarding the potential costs to family members of adverse events or death—but also take steps to protect themselves and family members from the material adverse financial consequences of an adverse event or death.

Overview of Covid-19 Injections

Experimental Covid-19 injections are currently administered under “emergency use authorization” (United States), “conditional marketing authorization” (European Union), “provisional approval” (Australia and New Zealand), and similar emergency provisions in other countries. National regulatory agencies granted the authorizations following abbreviated clinical trials and without long-term safety testing.

In the U.S., three injections have emergency use status: the messenger RNA (mRNA) injections developed by (1) Pfizer with German partner BioNTech and (2) biotechnology firm Moderna in partnership with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and (3) the adenovirus-vectored injection made by Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson (J&J) subsidiary. None has, as yet, received full approval, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declares it is “pulling out all the stops” to fully approve the Pfizer/BioNTech injection by early September 2021.1 Moderna and J&J are also preparing to seek full approval.

Outside the U.S., many OECD countries have also “conditionally” authorized the Oxford/AstraZeneca injection, which, like J&J’s shot, uses an adenovirus vector. The World Health Organization lists all four injections (plus China’s Sinopharm) for emergency use globally.

Though marketed as “vaccines,” both types of Covid-19 injections (mRNA and adenovirus) are experimental gene therapy. All four injections share the same end goal of getting genetic instructions into a person’s cells and “tricking” the cells into making coronavirus spike protein.

mRNA injections: Vaccine developers openly describe the never-before-authorized mRNA approach as a means of “programming a person’s cells”2 or (using Moderna’s terminology) deploying new “software.”3 From their inception, mRNA injections have displayed an intrinsic inflammatory component.4 Both mRNA injections use lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) as an in-built “gene delivery” or “carrier” system that transports synthetic mRNA into the cytoplasm; the LNPs not only shield the mRNA and promote cellular uptake but also function as adjuvants, “revving up” the immune system. The LNPs are coated with polyethylene glycol (PEG), a controversial polymer—synthetic and nondegradable—associated with adverse immune responses. Moderna has acknowledged that the LNPs “could lead to significant adverse events,”5 and FDA has identified PEG as the likely culprit responsible for anaphylactic reactions.6

The expert group Doctors for COVID Ethics cites existing pharmacokinetic evidence and warns that the mRNA injections can be expected to cause blood clotting, grave harm to female fertility and to breastfed infants, and cumulative toxicity after multiple injections.7 Immunologist Bart Classen—who cautions that adverse events can occur several years after vaccination—is concerned that the mRNA injections could create new mechanisms of harm as well as prion-like neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.8 Since the injections’ U.S. debut, thousands of Americans have reported serious reactions.9

Adenovirus vector injections: Instead of mRNA, the J&J and AstraZeneca injections use genetically modified common cold viruses as a Trojan horse to “shuttle” spike protein DNA (genetic instructions) into the cells. Studied for several decades, adenovirus-vectored injections have a “checkered past” as a “failed gene therapy.”10 In late 2019, FDA approved an adenovirus-vectored Ebola vaccine, and the technology has also been deployed in experimental Zika and HIV vaccines,11 but J&J’s Covid-19 injection is the first to be authorized (on an emergency basis) for general population use.12 Both the J&J and AstraZeneca injections contain polysorbate 80, which is structurally similar to PEG and has been associated with hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis.13 Adverse event reports following J&J injections have forced FDA to issue warnings about potentially fatal blood clots and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a condition involving peripheral nerve damage.14 Many individuals have also reported blood clots following AstraZeneca injections. The Oxford/AstraZeneca research team had to call several time-outs during clinical trials after trial participants developed transverse myelitis, a condition, like GBS, that produces nerve damage.15 Two-thirds who experience transverse myelitis remain permanently disabled; 4% to 7% of those who develop GBS die.

Adverse Event Reporting and Databases

In the months since the Covid-19 injections’ rollout, national databases in the U.S. and Europe have received tens of thousands of reports of adverse events.16 These numbers are sure to vastly undercount vaccine injuries because both are “passive” reporting systems (i.e., systems that rely on the willingness and ability of injured individuals and health care professionals to submit reports). The following is a selected list of databases that make adverse event reports available to the public:

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), Department of Health and Human Services (U.S.)
VAERS is a voluntary reporting system co-administered by the CDC and FDA. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny estimates that VAERS data represent approximately 10% of actual adverse events. A Harvard study commissioned in 2010 by the federal government produced an even lower estimate, concluding that less than 1% of adverse events get reported.17 It has been estimated that VAERS is about nine weeks behind in publishing adverse events reported following Covid-19 injections.18
VAERS reports are accessible through the CDC Wonder search engine or through the more user-friendly MedAlerts search engine maintained by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). MedAlerts also offers more powerful search capabilities and more extensive reporting.

EudraVigilance (27 European countries), European Medicines Agency
The European Medicines Agency maintains a database of suspected adverse drug reactions accessible to the general public (see box for “Healthcare professionals, patients and the general public”). Under the letter “C,” reports can be generated for the various Covid-19 injections.

VaxxTracker offers “a safe place to report negative side-effects” of Covid-19 injections and “acts independently from all government, pharmaceutical, or lobbying groups.” Currently, about 80% of all records on the site are imported from VAERS, while the remainder are entered directly by physicians and the public. The site’s Covid-19 statistics page groups adverse events into about 20 different categories.

UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA) (global)
The UKMFA publishes a physician-compiled weekly round-up of COVID-19 vaccine safety reports and news. See “Vaccine Safety Update Weekly Reports – The Daily Sceptic” and “UKMFA Collated Data – Adverse Reactions Summary document” (the latter collates media reports of adverse events from around the world and is regularly updated).

Additional reporting and compilations of adverse event data are available at:

Medical/Scientific Resources

Comprehensive, high-integrity medical and scientific information, including briefs and reports summarizing what is known about the risks of Covid-19 injections and adverse events, is available (and routinely updated) at the following websites:

  • America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS): AFLDS’ website includes information about Covid-19 treatments, “issue briefs” on post-vaccination complications and other topics, and numerous other resources.
  • Doctors for COVID Ethics (D4CE): Among the excellent resources provided by this group of doctors and scientists from 30 countries are “Letter to physicians: Four new scientific discoveries regarding the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines,” which warns that “all physicians must reconsider the ethical issues surrounding COVID-19 vaccination,” and a 23-page Expert Statement outlining the serious risks of the Pfizer injection (European brand name Comirnaty) in children.
  • Children’s Health Defense (CHD): In addition to reporting on vaccine safety topics via its flagship online news outlet The Defender, CHD offers a “Fighting COVID Mandates” toolkit and related resources, a series of eBooks (including eBooks on vaccine mandates and protection of individual rights), a research library, and a “Community Corner.”


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Family Financial Disclosure Form for Covid-19 Injections

(Version 2.0, revised August 2021)

From: [Adult Family Member]

To: [Adult Spouse and Children]


I have completed my due diligence on the Covid-19 injection that I propose to take.

1. ____ I have reviewed available databases of material adverse events from Covid-19 injections, including deaths reported to date by people who have received these injections.

2. ____ I understand that this Covid-19 injection is being distributed under an emergency use authorization and that it has not been approved by [FDA/national regulatory agency].

3. ____ I understand that this Covid-19 injection is made by:

___ Moderna – a company that in 10 years had never brought a single product to market prior to the coronavirus vaccine1
___ Pfizer – a company with a demonstrated history of enforcement settlements for fraudulent marketing2
___ Johnson & Johnson – a company with a lengthy record of health care fraud facing billions in payouts for marketing baby powder known for decades to be tainted with cancer-causing asbestos3
___ AstraZeneca – a company that illegally marketed an anti-psychotic drug to children and the elderly, paying one of the top 10 pharmaceutical company settlements ever4

4. ____ I understand that this Covid-19 injection is an experimental gene therapy.

5. ____ I understand that the injection has only been designed to protect against moderate symptoms of Covid-19 and that it may not protect me from more severe symptoms.5

6. ____ I understand that by agreeing to this injection, I may be required to take further Covid-19 injections as indicated by the manufacturer’s protocol or requirements, including potential “booster shots.”6

7. ____ I understand that this Covid-19 injection is not designed to address mutating versions or additional variants of the coronavirus.

8. ____ I have attached a copy of the manufacturer’s fact sheet [traditionally called a package insert] of the Covid-19 injection that describes the ingredients and potential material adverse events, and I am willing, able, and available to review and explain it to you.

Moderna: https://www.fda.gov/media/144638/download

Pfizer: https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download

Johnson & Johnson: https://www.janssenlabels.com/emergency-use-authorization/Janssen+COVID-19+Vaccine-HCP-fact-sheet.pdf

AstraZeneca: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulatory-approval-of-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca/information-for-uk-recipients-on-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca

9. ____ I understand that because some of the ingredients of these Covid-19 injections are proprietary and may, therefore, be secret, the ingredients listed in the manufacturers’ fact sheets may be incomplete. I also understand that prior research on other vaccines has demonstrated the presence of nanoparticles, heavy metals, fetal tissue, and other substances not disclosed (or not fully disclosed) in “vaccinations.”7

10. ____ [U.S. only]: I understand that under the 2005 PREP [Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness] Act (for emergency use authorization vaccines) and the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (for fully approved vaccines), it will be difficult if not impossible to hold the manufacturer of this Covid-19 injection financially or otherwise responsible for any damage to my health or death resulting from this injection.

11. ____ [Non-U.S.]: I have reviewed the policies or agreements in place in my country regarding indemnification and compensation; I understand that depending on these policies or agreements, it may be difficult if not impossible to hold the manufacturer of this Covid-19 injection financially or otherwise responsible for any damage to my health or for death resulting from this injection.

12. ____ I understand that it will be difficult if not impossible to hold the health institutions, doctors, and nurses that distributed this Covid-19 injection to me financially or otherwise responsible for any damage to my health or for my death.

13. ____ I understand that it will be difficult if not impossible to hold federal, state, and local health care officials and regulators financially or otherwise responsible for any damage to my health from the Covid-19 injection or for my death.

14. ____ I understand, therefore, as a practical matter that I and my closest relatives will experience and shoulder the full cost in terms of time and money of any financial adverse impact of a material adverse event resulting from my taking this Covid-19 injection.

For Families Planning on Having Additional Children

15. ____ I understand that this Covid-19 injection has the potential to alter my DNA in ways that no one yet understands and that this injection could alter the DNA of my unborn children or any woman who carries my unborn children.

16. ____ [Pfizer and Moderna injections]: I understand that knowledgeable experts have shared serious concerns in a petition filed with the European Medicines Agency that components of the mRNA injections could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, a protein responsible for development of the placenta and essential for a successful pregnancy, resulting in potential infertility.8

17. ____ [Johnson & Johnson injection]: I understand that this injection is produced in genetically modified human embryonic retinal cells (PER.C6 TetR) and that the presence of fetal DNA fragment contaminants in injections has been linked to autism spectrum disorder.9

18. ____ [AstraZeneca injection]: I understand that this injection is produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney cells (HEK 293).10

19. ____ My spouse has agreed to assume the risks of such alterations of my DNA and any impact it may have on our ability to have children or on our unborn children.

Material Adverse Events

20. ____ I understand and have reviewed the material adverse events reported in connection with the Covid-19 injections. Known adverse events include death; anaphylaxis; blood clots and related complications; leaky blood vessels and related complications; heart problems (myocarditis and pericarditis); neurological disorders; autoimmune disorders; other chronic and inflammatory conditions; blindness and deafness; infertility; fetal damage; miscarriage and stillbirth; and Covid-19.

Reasons for Taking Injection

21. ____ I understand that, according to estimates by international researchers, Covid-19 has an estimated statistical probability of death of 0.002% at age 10, 0.01% at age 25, 0.4% at age 55, 1.4% at age 65, 4.6% at age 75, and 15% at age 85.11

22. ____ I also understand that there are multiple, low-cost, non-injection therapeutic drug protocols for early intervention and prophylaxis that have a high rate of success in helping defend against or recover from Covid-19.12

23. ____ Nevertheless, I want to take these Covid-19 injections. The reason(s) why is (are):



24. ____ Due to the difficulties of accessing the appropriate care in an emergency,13 I have identified and arranged health care providers who will be available on a timely basis in the event of a material adverse event from the Covid-19 injection:

Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Blood clots and related complications
Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Leaky blood vessels and related complications
Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Heart problems (e.g., myocarditis, pericarditis)
Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Neurological disorders
Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Autoimmune disorders
Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Other chronic or inflammatory conditions
Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Blindness or deafness
Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Infertility, fetal damage, miscarriage or stillbirth [women only]
Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________

Contact info: ___________________________________________________________________


25. ____ I have filled out the Aging with Dignity form and planning process (https://agingwithdignity.org) and have provided a Health Care Proxy to you along with detailed instructions on resuscitation and extreme measures at end of life.

26. ____ I have reviewed this form with the following people who have authority in my Health Care Proxy and have agreed to assume responsibility in the event of a material adverse event or death resulting from the Covid-19 injection:



27. In the event of a material adverse event from Covid-19 injection, my health care insurance
___ will cover ___ will not cover all health care and hospitalization expenses.14

28. My insurance broker has confirmed that page ___ of my _______ policy states that taking an experimental or emergency-use Covid-19 injection ___ will ___ will not impact my insurance coverage.

29. In the event that I am unable to work for a period of time or lose my job, profession, or business, my disability insurance will cover the following amounts for ___ months/years:15


30. I have reviewed my decision with my insurance broker and additional health care and disability or other insurance ___ is available ___ is not available to cover any material adverse event from a Covid-19 injection on the following basis:


31. In the event of my death, my life insurance will provide the following protection to you:


32. I have reviewed my decision with my insurance broker and additional life insurance
___ is available ___ is not available to cover any material adverse event or death on the following basis:16


33. ____ I have provided sufficient time and resources for my family and I to arrange for other available insurance that my family members and I believe are prudent.


Loss of Income

34. In the event of a material adverse event from Covid-19 injection, the potential range in the loss of income is estimated to be [provide range if unable to work for 1 year, 5 years, or permanently]:

Anaphylaxis: ________________________________________________________________
Blood clots and related complications: ____________________________________________
Leaky blood vessels and related complications: ______________________________________
Heart problems (e.g., myocarditis, pericarditis): ______________________________________
Neurological disorders: ________________________________________________________
Autoimmune disorders: ________________________________________________________
Other chronic or inflammatory conditions:17 ________________________________
Blindness or deafness: _________________________________________________________
Infertility, fetal damage, miscarriage or stillbirth [women only]: __________________________
Covid-19: ___________________________________________________________________
Death: _____________________________________________________________________

Health Care Expenses

35. In the event of a material adverse event from Covid-19 injection, the potential range of health care expenses not covered by our health care insurance is estimated to be [estimate potential expenses for 1 year, 5 years, or long-term]:

Anaphylaxis: ________________________________________________________________
Blood clots and related complications: ____________________________________________
Leaky blood vessels and related complications: ______________________________________
Heart problems (e.g., myocarditis, pericarditis): ______________________________________
Neurological disorders: ________________________________________________________
Autoimmune disorders: ________________________________________________________
Other chronic or inflammatory conditions:18________________________________________
Blindness or deafness: _________________________________________________________
Infertility, fetal damage, miscarriage or stillbirth [women only]: __________________________
Covid-19: ___________________________________________________________________
Death: _____________________________________________________________________

Long-Term Care

36. If a material adverse event from a Covid-19 injection results in the need for long-term care, this is how I propose to arrange such care and fund it:


Investment of Family Time

37. In the event of a material adverse event from a Covid-19 injection, here is the time I would request from my family or professional caregivers paid by my family to assist me:

Anaphylaxis: ________________________________________________________________
Blood clots and related complications: ____________________________________________
Leaky blood vessels and related complications: ______________________________________
Heart problems (e.g., myocarditis, pericarditis): ______________________________________
Neurological disorders: ________________________________________________________
Autoimmune disorders: ________________________________________________________
Other chronic or inflammatory conditions: _________________________________________
Blindness or deafness: _________________________________________________________
Infertility, fetal damage, miscarriage or stillbirth [women only]: __________________________
Covid-19: ___________________________________________________________________
Death: _____________________________________________________________________

Proposed Sources of Financial Support

38. If a material adverse event from a Covid-19 injection results in adverse financial events—loss of income and/or increased expenses—these are my estimates of costs and my arrangements to fund them:

Anaphylaxis: ________________________________________________________________
Blood clots and related complications: ____________________________________________
Leaky blood vessels and related complications: ______________________________________
Heart problems (e.g., myocarditis, pericarditis): ______________________________________
Neurological disorders: ________________________________________________________
Autoimmune disorders: ________________________________________________________
Other chronic or inflammatory conditions:19_________________________________________
Blindness or deafness: _________________________________________________________
Infertility, fetal damage, miscarriage or stillbirth [women only]: __________________________
Covid-19: ___________________________________________________________________
Death: _____________________________________________________________________


39. ____ In the event of my death from a Covid-19 injection, I have finalized an estate plan, have reviewed it with my attorney and executor, and have provided instructions for my funeral and disposition of my remains as follows:



40. ____ Having completed my due diligence on the Covid-19 injection and having made my decision to proceed, I am available to review my findings and arrangements with my family.

I am responsible for my health care choices and am committed to taking responsibility for the true costs of my choices and their impact on those I love and not shifting these costs and risks to them without their full knowledge, due diligence, and consent. Please let me know when you would like to review and discuss.

Your loving [spouse/parent]:

Signature: ________________________________ Date: _____________________________

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19. See footnote #17.

Source : https://pandemic.solari.com/family-financial-disclosure-form-for-covid-19-injections/

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