Juvenile Judge Dan Brooks in Sedgwick County protects paedophiles and forces children to live with their named sex offender

Type of protection : Granting release

I have a few names for your hall of shame page, lets start with Juvenile Judge Dan Brooks in Sedgwick County, this Judge should be removed, he placed a child with the alleged abuser, he didn’t even blink an eye when evidence of possible abuse was presented, he didn’t care if the system had violated the rights of this child, this child was a victim and a witness of sexual abuse and his rights were violated ...

not only by Judge Dan Brooks but also by the Detective with EMCU, Social Worker who teams with EMCU, Child Therapists, Juvenile District Attorney, Guardian Ad Litem and most of all the Child Rapist has gotten away with crimes against a child for the last 9 years. These people have caused a child to be in need of care when the child shouldn’t have been, just like so many other cases here in Sedgwick County, there needs to be a Federal Investigation into the sexual crimes against children that are being covered up by the very system that should be truly protecting a child and getting justice for these children.
Every parent who has been wronged by a juvenile or family judge MUST start filing complaints against these judges, it is easy to dismiss one or two cases against a judge, but if everyone would start filing then it would be harder to dismiss a complaint when there are 50 of them at the same time.

Also, Kansas has a law that allows for a Grand Jury to be convened in your county and every county in Kansas. I would suggest that victims of the system come together and circulate a petition for crimes committed by certain individuals who work within the system. In just about every case someone could argue that these people violated Kansas Statutes 21-3902 “Official Misconduct”, 21-3422 ” Interference with Parental Custody”, 21-3805 “Perjury”, 21-3808 “Obstructing Legal Process” and others, I am not an Attorney, but I have researched the laws enough to know that many of these people involved in the unlawful removal of a child has violated these statutes. I am NOT offering legal advice, just advice of someone who is currently circulating a petition as we speak.

I could go on and on, Judge Dan Brooks doesn’t care about a child, he is a rubber stamp Judge, he doesn’t follow the law as his Oath said to, but he took this Oath. Time for Dan Brooks to leave the Bench, no more destroyingthe lives of children.

Source : https://pcjustice.wordpress.com/the-wall-of-shame/

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