Deborah-Lee Furness a disgrace to Forgotten Australians, Forced Adoptions and Stolen Generations worldwide

Deborah-Lee Furnesss and her husband Hugh Jackman took advantage of a young desperate mother.  A mother who was promised an Open Adoption.  If this couple wanted to do something nice for all they money they are worth, they would have put that child's needs in front of their own wants, and they would have helped that mother.  It's not like she needed a hand out - she just needed a hand up.

Yet Furness and Jackman held out both hands and took her straight from her womb.  And the papers lied and said the young mother's children were all in care - but truth is when she was pregnant with the child that they stole - she had a 14 mth baby still with her.   Trying to demonise the childless mother is just another low tactic by the baby snatchers, and is extremely common.  And what mother does not suffer depression when their child is ripped from their arms, or in this case, their placenta?

Fancy making out that they helped that little boy!  If they truly wanted to help, they would have ensured that the boy could have stayed with his mother and it doesn't take a genius to know what children want and need.  Growing up rich may have it's benefits - but not knowing who you are does not.  The rich stealing from the poor, with the rich using their media influence to enable easy child stealing is totally deplorable.  They made out this young mother would be able to see her child and know him - but a later interview with Andrew Denton proves she lied, as in her statements to Denton she says she "would like ring the mother maybe once a year to see how she was".

No wonder the poor mother commit suicide.  She was cruelly taken advantage of by rich people whose fame and meaningless words she mistook for kindness. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Deborah-Lee Furness tells reporters "What is real children? Even if it comes through your loins, it's not your child".".

Could you get any more callous a statement to a mother, particularly those who had their children stolen by the state and Barnardos, than that?  Only a woman who has no children of her own could be capable of a statement like that.

To Furness, children are nothing more than property, and using her own fame to gain children from people who cannot afford a lawyer to fight the state and whoremongering NGOs to keep their children, is a crime against humanity.

How could this woman say such things?  What kind of woman teams up with Louise Voigt from Barnardos (the ultimate NGO in child trafficking for many years, alongside the paedophile protecting catholic NGOs), to enable the rich to steal flesh and blood from the poor.  Obviously this type. 

Many people claim that adopting a child is an act of love - try asking the mother who had the child stolen if they feel the same way;  And maybe the child when they reach adulthood - the child who does not know who they are - because they have been denied their roots.


+11 #1 Childrens AdvocateGuest 2014-04-19 14:07
The Federal Government made a promise to over 100,000 Australian Mothers and their Forced Adoption Children that this our country would never witness Forced Adoptions again as it left a putrid stain along with our history books being dirtied by state enforced adoptions of the past.

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