Child removal and forced adoption amendments in NSW

Now that the child removal and adoption amendments have passed into law, the government can take any single mothers children and immediately place them for adoption upon the decision of a DOCS or NGO social worker.  Once placed for adoption no family member has any legal recourse to get custody of the child. The child is gone until eighteen years of age.

Aboriginal Kinship placement can be bypassed.

The NSW government has now valued your child, and he or she is worth $37,000 per year to a DOCS or an NGO for someone else to raise.  And the more damaged they are in foster care - the more money they are worth - up to and including $288,000 per year.

  • If you are young, single and pregnant stay close to your support people, as you will be pressured to relinquish at birth.  Know that many who already have are now mourned as they have taken their own lives, some within weeks of giving their baby up (central coast).
  • If you are a single mother, be careful with what you tell any government service, as this will be used as evidence to remove your child.
  • If you are a refugee, tell your friends that are seeking asylum that their children can be removed for immediate adoption placement as soon as they are placed under ministerial care.

The list goes on. Having just heard about Goward's legislation getting passed, in both houses, i guess its to be expected as the government has never backed the poor and abused. 

This news has been the final straw for many, and government has left them no other recourse than the only option that is left, as legal options as known by government, are financially beyond the majority of victims.

This is straight out human rights abuse.

The backlash in indigenous and non-indigenous communities once realised the true affects of this, will not stand idly by whilst their children are taken.  The backlash on gay communities for lobbying for this, will be strong and not pleasant.

We hope you and Labor realize how big and dangerous this will become, there are highly volatile protests planned at DOCS offices now and this will only grow.  People now are panicking and you know what the only outcome will be.

Government has given the people no choice.


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