More failures in foster care system as NGOs continue to breach court orders

Complaints about foster care agencies continue to rise as the state Ombudsman's and other oversight authorities refuse to intervene when children they are looking after are being denied access to their parents and other family members.

Life Without Barriers (or With if you ask most clients) are back in the firing line again as they continue their personal attacks on parents and cancel court ordered contact, or change times and deliberately fail to notify parents and carers.  When children are left crying for their parents, Life Without Barriers claim the parents were informed of contact, yet failed to arrive.

These games with NGOs in their power struggle have been ongoing for many years now, without one single worker or it's agency ever given warning for the actions which ultimately hurt our children more than the parents in which they seek to punish.

The latest victim has had her contact visits cancelled again after showing just how much money Life Without Barriers enjoy for the privellege of delegating "carer" responsibility.

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