Emily Brown the Public Guardian Battery Hen

Image result for battery henThe below-article only mildly touches on the havoc this wretched woman, solicitor, Heidi Muggenthaler wreaks on the lives of those she infects.  She's based in Sydney and previously served on IDRS (Intellectual Disability Rights Service), a community legal centre advocating for rights for the disabled.  What better way to find more victims (clients), then purporting to help those who most need it pro-bono?  She's no unlike other solicitors who frequently sell their sole for a few more dollars, but this woman has absolutely obliterated the lives of two lovely people, my friend Emily Brown and her mother Julie Brown.

Emily Brown was falsely removed by NSW child protection in 1998 because the caseworkers at the time DID NOT like Julie.  Julie might not be everyones cup of tea, but she was a good mum and the perfect person to be raising her daughter who is extremely intelligent and has mild autism, Emily.  Throughout the first few years that Julie and Emily were involved with the state, caseworkers stole jewellery and money from Julie's home in Sydney, cancelled services for her involving housing and obtaining assistance in moving to another property.

They had her sectioned and after her release because she was not "psychotic", continued their attack on this mother and child for another decade.

IN this time they forced Emily to go and live with her father, who didn't have anything to do with her, and as a consequence inflicted so much damage upon little Emily that she stopped talking.  She was left outside overnight regularly as punishment for being there, beaten and treated appalingly by her father (a former high school teacher) and his asian wife. Emily ran away from her not only her fathers place but from most other violent placements she was dumped into - and went back to her mother each time.  And each time they would come and remove her and place her back into the same abusive situation she'd just ran away from.  Was it really any wonder Emily stopped speaking?  Noone listened to her, and her "independent children's lawyer" Heidi-fucking-Muggenthaler repeatedly advocated for her to be sent back to the abuse.  Emily pleaded with judges in letters to not send her back and to have Muggenthaler sacked - but each time the judges refused to listen to her.

Eventually the father dumped Emily back into the same abusive child protection department she continued to run away from.

At the age of 16 child protection gave her to the public guardian.  Make no mistake, this was to ensure that all the abuse Emily had suffered over the past decade could never be revealed.

By this time, she'd been placed in single placement residential units - with males.  She was doped up so much that she could barely stand up or stay away.  The doctors tampered with her physiology and forced her onto the pill - forcing her body to miss two periods and then having one - so they wouldn't be as inconvenienced as much as if she had a regular period every twenty-eight days. 

Emily routinely had males stripping her and bathing her.  A young girl, in her teenage years, being exposed in such a way.  She was repeatedly touched by the male workers and eventually the police were brought in, however in their infinite wisdon they used their complete lack of interpersonal skills to ensure the perpetrators would never be charged for their crimes.  And they weren't.

Throughout this abuse, her "lawyer", Heidi Muggenthaler continued to tell the courts that the best place for Emily was with in fostercare - being fondled, starved, beaten, and neglected. 

Emily's mother now doesn't know where Emily is located, or if she is even alive.  None of us do.  Emily escaped once and spent some time detailing her abuse (in writing), and begging us to not let the police take her away again.  Sadly we weren't that lucky, we had no permanent safe house in place, had no access to the myriad of drugs that she had been force-fed for the past decade or so, and no legal advocate that would actually work for what Emily wanted.

At nearly 30 years of age, Emily is just one of Australia's Enforced Disappearances.  A government number, that's had so many ECT treatments against her will, that it's a wonder she's even alive.  She's just one of many people kept hidden by the Australian government, for nothing more than paypackets for all those greedy self-serving stakeholders that have attached themselves to her like leeches so they have a permanent feed on hand. 

In essence, Emily Brown is a Battery Hen.  Secured in a cage, medicated, her only use is to make money for her keepers.  When she is dead, they will dispose of her and find another Emily.

But to us, she is a beautiful young human being whose life has been taken from her since age 4.  Her mother will never get over the abuse and neither will those of us who have known both of them.  This is Australia.

For people like Heidi Muggenthaler, one day you will pay for your crimes against humanity, and at Alecomm we hope it is soon.

"The former Home and Away actor Bryan Wiseman has been known for his controversial revelations about drug use among the young. But it's his thoughts on the smoking requirements of the dead that is taking him to the Supreme Court next week. Wiseman and a co-beneficiary, Antony Millard, are seeking to remove Heidi Muggenthaler as executor of the will of their friend Desda Edwards after they were not consulted on the wording of her headstone - which they thought should feature a cigarette and ashtray. Muggenthaler said she knew the 72-year-old Edwards had been a heavy smoker, but assumed the headstone suggestion was made in jest. ''I had [the grave] renovated and had a plaque put on, but no ashtray,'' she said. The lucrative estate was all but finalised when the relationship soured, and Muggenthaler was served with the complaint, which also alleges she did not grant Wiseman and Millard access to some of Edwards's dogs. ''I'm a bit stumped, I don't know why they're doing this,'' she said. The Diary doesn't know either, so we contacted Wiseman, who was not prepared to illuminate us. ''It's in the hands of my lawyers, I'm just going to rely on the courts to make a decision,'' he said." by Matt Buchanan and Leesha McKenny - Sydney Morning Herald.

Source : https://www.smh.com.au/national/butted-out-of-a-grave-matter-20100714-10b7j.html

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