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Royal Commission hears shut down of paedophile probe investigated by anti-corruption branch 93842
Daniel Morcombe inquest uncovers 'inadequate response' in police investigation 32363
Fifth tragic workplace suicide of AFP officer 89686
NSW Police: Rotten apple cops on rape, stalking, drug and gun charges 115920
Police corruption: the whole system is rotten 106537
400 deaths, zero convictions: Australia's national shame. 94881
AFP corruption scandal sees top cops involved in a 'mafia-style group' investigated - as its revealed members used 'dirt files' to keep their shady deals a secret 64486
WA Police officer charged with murder over Joyce Clarke shooting death in Geraldton 89931
Police corruption: Scotland Yard ‘cover-up’ of historical child abuse investigated by watchdog 86454
Dozens of NSW police still serving despite serious criminal charges 93271
Victorian Police back down after issuing $67k invoice to law-abiding conservatives for protection from violent leftist thugs 92512
Queensland police officer receives suspended jail sentence for leaking woman's details to violent ex-husband 85471
Judicial, Police and Mental Health Corruption 97251
Police want to read encrypted messages, but they already have significant power to access our data 93549
LPD: Woman arrested for turning in husband’s firearms to Lakeland police 87639
Police officers in the US were charged with more than 400 rapes over a 9-year period 73726
Former NSW Police Officer Pleads Guilty to 44 Sexual Offences 78230
Ex NSW cop pleads guilty to 44 sexual offences including 17 counts of rape 72384
AFP data breach: six cases of alleged police misconduct investigated 86819
Murky past of Australian cop Damian Goodfellow, and the criminal who went on to kill 87039
Australia: Police protect their own again (1) 85538
Australia: Police protect their own again (2) 84879
Queensland police race to locate 80 alleged paedophiles 86100
Junk Explained: Where Are We Up To With The Royal Commission Into Child Sexual Abuse? 85611
Bob Atkinson 80257
"Australian Governor Generals' Involvement In Police Murder & Cocaine Cover Up While Director Of The Qld Law Society 1990's" 84685
"Police Shoot Homeless Man Fourty Six Times" 78422
"Sydney Police Beat Up and Taser Weaponless Sixteen Year Old Girl" 80499
"NSW police officer accused of shredding documents on child sexual abuse" 77520
"Ontario Standing Committee on Justice - Canada Court Watch Statements re Police Harassment / Alteration of Transcripts and Illegal prevention of Recording of Court Hearings" 73592
"NSW Police in legal battle with software giant" 78164
"Silence condemned girls to pedophile " 71612
"Are police officers being subjected to different standards when facing charges or accusations, asks Charlie Bezzina" 71289
"Former Victoria Police officer jailed until at least 2024 over sick sex ring" 67204
"Former Victoria Police officer jailed until at least 2024 over sick sex ring" 66263
Dirty Filthy Queensland Police : The Welfare Check and Grevious Assault of a Mother and Her Partner 74039