Lawyer Pat Barry files federal suit against the State Bar - James Towery, Fox, Wagstaffe all named in Anti-Sherman suit


Pat Barry, an attorney. who was declared vexatious when she tried to defend her client Michele Fortinos in probate and family law cases, where fraud, domestic violence and child abuse ran rampant,  has filed a federal suit against the State Bar, for Sherman Anti Trust violations. 

Ms. Barry's suit names attorneys and judges but also appears to be the first real effort to describe to federal courts what is going on in family law cases.

Counties charged with dividing community property and protecting children have been doing anything but. Ms. Barry's suit gives a glimpse into what people are being exposed to as due process is checked at the door when divorce and probate matters are at hand.

Ms, Barry's claims of historic failures to protect the public are not fictional.  For the past three decades family court victims have failed to understand how they enter courts of equity and end up losing their children, their property, and their retirement. Parents describe horrific tales of courts using law enforcement to force their children into reunification programs with abusers. Business owners describe  incompetent lawyers , CPAs and receivers mismanaging business valuation processes and taking all the money in doing so. 

"For Good Cause" is judicial code for judges making up the law to do whatever the hell they want where children and money are involved. 

It is a disturbing and unlawful transfer of private community wealth that has been ignored by State Watchdogs like the CJP and State Bar for decades.

Ms.  Barry's  complaint describes how the Bar's cronyism and failures to discipline have served to be problematic in recent decades, with much of the problem stemming from the failures of individuals like James Towery, James Fox, Joe Dunn, Bonnie Miller and Steve Wagstaffe, whose leadership roles at the Bar set a new bar for grossly unethical conduct.

Good family lawyers have been horrified to watch court processes that legally alienate children and drive one parent to bankruptcy in recent years. .

“It used to be a few issues might not have been fair when a  judge divided a community estate.  Now you have 50 experts in middle class divorce cases and no thinking judge who often takes a "WINNER TAKE ALL Philosophy".   Family Courts are to divide property in half, not use the divorce process to redistribute all the money married couples make over their lifetime to well paid divorce lawyers and custody experts", noted a Santa Clara Family Court certified family law expert, who wished to remain anonymous

In her March 6, 2017 filed complaint  Ms. Barry supports her claims  by describing how good fathers like Joe Sweeney were jailed for speaking up against the CJP and how productive business owners, like Los Gatos based publisher Susan Bassi,  faced massive property loss and due process violations after  blowing the whistle on crooked lawyers who act as private judges,  as Susan Bassi did on  Nat Hales did in the Marriage of Bassi.

Susan Bassi described her experience with the crooked lawyers and judges in Santa Clara County ;

"When Nat Hales refused to award me attorney fees two years into my divorce, I became involuntarily self- represented and my ex, Robert Bassi,  was allowed to use my business money to pay Nat Hales and his lawyer Brad Baugh. I  had to attend a so called hearing with Hales and Baugh all  by myself. I had no education or training in the law, and Nat Hales and Brad Baugh acted like something out of an old mobster movie. The crroked duo  threatened me and told me that if I didn't cooperate and sign off civil immunity for experts like James Butera, they would break me and use their legal muscle  in Santa Clara County to do so . I thought....' this can't  be real , after all it is 2014 and we are in Silicon Valley' . I  have spent the last three years  seeing just how real their threats could be.  They were mistaken in they thought I would let that slip by.  I am not going to sit down or shut up until this madness stops."  

Ms. Bassi  filed complaints at the county and State Bar, which were mostly ignored and where Hales was privately and confidentially disciplined after he admitted to violating the law and never having authority to act in her case, where he also took $100,000 in fees.

“When one of my associates published the Bar response about the crooked conduct of Nat Hales,  the floodgates opened and I was contacted by over 200 people who described  how Judges in Santa Clara County have worked with  Brad Baugh and Nat Hales, assisted by James Butera, to steal money and kids from people in the county just wanting a divorce.  Some of these cases date back to 1995, and like in most counties, the DA's  office ignored the  complaints." 

Ms. Bassi added,  "Seems they were too busy throwing innocent parents in jail for not paying child support or sending sick kids to visit joined Grandparents to worry about all the money Nat Hales and Brad Baugh were stealing from my kids. "

Ms. Bassi recently filed a $100,000,000 claim against Santa Clara County for knowingly failing to protect her and others from attorneys  and judges like Nat Hales and James Towery. She has also filed countless complaints with the county's presiding judges Pichon and Lucas, all of which were ignored dating back to 2015.

Ironically or not, Santa Clara County assigned James Towery to the Bassi divorce case, just months before the State Bar issued a response on the Nat Hales complaint. Bassi's lawyer recently filed a disqualification against Towery, citing much  of the bias issues cited in Barry's complaint. Towery was afforded a lawyer, at tax payer expense,  to respond to Ms. Bassi's motion.  Many are wondering just how much Santa Clara County tax payers will have to continue to pay to defend the ethically challenged James Towery, and other judges or private attorney judges just like him,

Bad actors in family courts seem to be the norm these days. Hundreds of innocent parents are being criminalized and robbed and at the center of these crimes are lawyer- judge combos like seen with Pichon-  Towery- Baugh - Hales- Hammon- Mitchell- Moreno - Erickson-Zecher- Pfeiffer-  Cox- Roggia and Houghton   in Santa Clara.  Mills- Weil- Austin - Evilsizor- Stevens- Santos- Insalaco- Lambright - Fannin- Landau and Fenstermacher -  in Contra Costa; Blevans and Perkovich in Napa and the infamous Matthew Gary and any lawyer in a skirt or court clerk uniform  in Sacramento County. 

Parents are reporting the latest family court scam is where one lawyer and judge call on  law enforcement  to physically  remove children from one good parent  and put them in the  hands of an abusive parent, all  for the price of costly "reunification programs". 

Reunification programs are the court's latest custody fad,  funded with tax money and community property.  These programs are ordered by  bad actors and  earn as much as $250,000 to take and "reprogram children " for parents with criminal histories and well paid divorce lawyers and custody experts. Retired judges like David Weinberg work with lawyers like Robert Bruce Dobson to torment children and keep them from one parent , as they hide money and violate the law for the wealthier parent, who gets to keep all the money, and the kids.

Pat Barry's lawsuit is a brave effort to pull back the curtain and bring federal attention to the little men pretending to be the Great and Powerful Oz in California's divorce courts. We commend Ms. Barry for taking a stand, and for doing what the state's watchdogs and public  employees failed to do where protecting the public was concerned.

Source : https://www.janeandjohnqpublic.com/blog/lawyer-pat-barry-files-federal-suit-against-the-state-bar-towery-fox-wagstaffe-all-named-in-anti-sherman-suit-susan-bassi-and-joe-sweeney-noted-as-victims





Annabelle L

3/7/2017 08:12:18 am


Same names.


Butera needs his license revoked. 

He and Peth. These guns for hire .....

including minors counsel, co parenting coordinators, etc. 


What a harvest for all these "experts"....


Purlmutter, Kerner and Sullivan are all in bed with Hammon.



Max L

3/7/2017 08:24:52 pm


Walter Hammon? He was my court appointed attorney who took my $30,000 in college funds ignoring a court order which had separated this money from my parents' money so I sued. He won by claiming immunity. Also while I was a minor he filed a restraining order to stop me from attending my high school is San Luis Obispo where my Mom lived. Almost prevented me from being accepted into Cal Poly because I started out the semester with "F"s



Jack L

3/7/2017 08:30:19 pm


Max's brother, took my $30,000 too cause that was all the money left. I sued, he successfully claimed immunity from being a thief. Filed a order to show cause against me and called the police on me on October 18, 2015 claiming that I had tried to kidnap my younger brother on his birthday by taking him to Cal Poly to see my place and have a paint ball war at Gladiator park in San Luis Obispo



2/28/2018 06:48:36 pm


Please contact me if you get this email. I am wondering if you are in SLO county still. Im in search for stories. Currently organizing activism against local CPS....


Thanks so MUCH! Be Well!




Andrea D

3/8/2017 03:20:43 pm


SCC needs a complete overhaul.. there is a coordinated effort to defraud the people of this county.. March 15 I am appearing in court regarding the corrupt dept of revenue in SCC. they routinely add excessive amounts onto traffic accounts using the courts $300 civil assessment as late fees and I have a problem with this county using us as revenue.!




2/28/2018 06:52:33 pm


please contact me at 805-423-5092 in anyone is in SLO county willing to share info or stories regarding CPS and its corruption. I am currently workinf to raise awareness / activism for change.




CPS implicated in racketeering

3/8/2017 11:52:57 am


CPS is another pawn in the State's racketeering game. From falsifying evidence and reports to threatening parents who exercise their First Amendment right in good faith by threatening to take their kids, civil servants like Katie Mason of San Mateo County reek of corruption. Mason recently

Spawned two kids of her own, and should be investigated for her weekend binge drinking and cocaine use while caring for the kids. Worse, she lies to parents to try to unlawfully enter their homes. One of Katie Mason's colleagues said that Mason stated that she thinks kids (aside from her own) need to be sent to foster care, and she also admitted to some within the San Mateo County that she is required by her boss to make up lies about parents to urge the children'a removal from the homes.



Andrea D

3/8/2017 03:23:16 pm


Anyone in this state that participates in any illegal activity AT ALL needs to be prosecuted.



State of California Government Corruption

3/8/2017 03:27:29 pm


Couldn't agree with you more. One thing to remember is that most corrupt bureaucrats all cover for the other. Retain ALL documentation. Create logs of every event that transpired, whether in a journal of via email/digital documentation. Many organizations, with Contra Costa County Family Court, will routinely destroy evidence or documents that do not align with their bias.


California has become a truly litigious state full of state government corruption and bottom-feeders. If only people in this state could try to be innovate and create new systems, rather than beg, cheat, and steal from the next guy.


Bucks for Schmucks - Contra Costa County further embroiled in racketeering scheme


3/15/2017 08:12:11 am


Highly paid bureaucrats with no oversight continue to suckle at the tax payer dollar in Contra Costa County family court - complete with facilitating fee churn and burn for litigants.


Jim Paulsen has a super cush job - CalPERS retirement plan, and $100K+ salary, plus whatever child support he's raking in or hoping to slamdunk his ex (or soon to be ex) with.


All in the "best interest of the child", right?





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