Australia, the land of No Voting Suffrage

Here in Australia, the whole voting system is illegal, and a violation of our fundamental human rights.

The Australian Constitution firmly states the "senators" must be voted in by the people.  Not parties - senators.

Article 21 of the international covenant of civil and political rights states we have the right to vote and it shall be equal suffrage.

What this means is everybody is equal in voting and being elected. It's reinforced in our constitution but has been perverted by the major parties starting at least 30 years ago with the introduction of preferential voting. The idea that we vote in senators and not parties, is because if they are not doing their job properly, then the next time we vote them out. This is how a #Democracy works.

Currently crooked greedy politicians are running a communist system. And a communist system (or dictatorship) is where one party rules. That's what we have been living under for a very long time, the only difference being it switches between liberal and labour every so often.  It is nevertheless still a #Dictatorship.

This is why our government is such a mess - because the major parties have had a monopoly for way too long. they do what they want - which is usually not very much, and they refuse to listen and help their constituents - which is their job. If the election process functioned as it should, your local MP would get off his ass and fix things - because if he didn't, he'd be voted out and we’d give someone else a go.

The whole idea of ticket voting and splitting votes does nothing for democracy either. Instead it seeks to enforce the major parties certainty in elections.   

It's cheating and does not reflect the will of the people.  If Jack gets 5000 votes and Jill gets none, why should Jill get a seat?  Why should Jack be able to manipulate the system and gives votes to Jill and place her ahead of Joe who has more votes than her?  This is wrong. It is criminal and it must be rectified.

And it is in violation of our constitution, regardless of how many high court judges continue to pervert section 51XXXVI of our constitution.

The recent voting changes, is not about giving power back to the people via preferential voting, it's about preventing minority parties getting into government to make the changes that are required.

There is no law that requires a majority power in #government. There is no such thing as one party being referred to as "the government", “the coalition” and everybody else just a political party in #parliament.

It's all the people who were voted for that  make the “government”.  And there probably wouldn't be so many minor parties, if the politicians would address the legislation or issues that the people want fixed.

The correct democratic way for voting is first past the post for the first 76 #senators, it doesn't matter if they don't receive a certain quota. #Quotas were introduced to benefit the big parties, nobody else.

Senator Andrew Murray, now commissioner for institutional child sex abuse, tried to introduce a bill in 2000 to correct the Senate voting to ensure equal #suffrage.

The bill has been introduced twice and twice knocked back, because the major parties do not under any circumstances want to lose their seats - they want the monopoly - they want to streamline crappy legislation - which is what they've been doing for at least 30 years - with no oversight and no accountability.

The judges knock back the challenges because if the people have the power, then the (shitty) judges could be sacked also.

Various political parties have taken the matter to the High Court, to challenge unsuccessfully, because High Court judges, such as Gleeson aren't interested in a democracy or our constitution.

There's a rule in family law called the "friendly parent provision". I think it's time we introduced the "friendly politician provision".

The minor parties need to push to repeal all unconstitutional election legislation.  We the people are to vote in senators, not parties. And vote quota and manipulation is downright fraud.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights guarantees us 'voters suffrage' and so does our Australian Constitution.

Our forefathers would be turning over in their graves, seeing what has happened to Australia.

It's time to revolt. The treason has to stop. The traitors have to go.

The election of our #Senators has been corrupted. The only candidates voted for received votes #BelowTheLine.

The #constitution does not allow voting for parties. And our civil rights guarantee us 'equal suffrage' - meaning our ballot papers are UNconstitutional & violate our civil rights.

Every elector/voter should file #Discrimination claims - based on political status, and unconstitutional elections that violate their fundamental human rights to 'equal suffrage'.

In 2014 AEC Srutineers stated they were told to discard minor party votes. Bundaberg prevented people from voting. Other electors were told to vote both above and below the line.

I ran for senate and know I had three out of town votes, yet the stats reflected only one.

50 years of Liberal and Labour trash, they've done nothing for the Stolen Generations, victims of institutional child sex abuse, or elderly sex abuse,except stifle inquiries, destroy and withhold information, protect paedophiles and thieves and spent more money protecting its reputation than doing the right thing.

The minor parties are rubbished and made a mockery of, and the major parties push through illegal legislation in complete defiance of the will of the people.

It's time for a change! If the senators aren't chosen by the people, how can you expect them to work for the people?

Alecomm ran stats after the 2014 election and it's not possible - with all the votes combined - to beat the major parties.

Our voting system is corrupted and it needs repealing.  All of it. Because it all creates advantage for major parties.  After much research, we concluded that many of the government problems are created by one sole issue alone. And that is, we are not voting in our senators.

  1. Grouping gangs / parties together is creating an upper hand and whether or not it makes voting easier for SOME people, it does not make it better for all. Thus it creates an inequality and removes our guaranteed right to suffrage.
  2. Secondly, ticking a box that sends all votes to those candidates also creates an inequality for other candidates of other parties or independents.  It violates our constitutional right to voting suffrage.
  3. Thirdly, distribution of votes is corruption, plain and simple.
  4. These three measures that have been inserted our legislation, violate both our constitution and our rights under International Civil and Political Covenants, which AUSTRALIA is obligated to abide by.

There have been cases challenging these obvious truths, however as our court systems have been corrupted also, we are currently unable to obtain justice through the high court.

I've researched a few of the challenges and the judges have quoted legislation that doesn't even relate to these cases as excuses to dismiss the appeals.  There are a few ways to go and one is discrimination (of us candidates) based on political affiliation.

Grounds: the major parties are placed in an entirely different section on the ballot paper, their names are in a bold black large font.  Others are smaller and grey which violates the legislation in two areas :

  • Legislation states names must be in black font like government publications.
  • Suffrage = equal. (Different fonts, colours, areas is not equal)
  • Placed last behind other major parties is not equal and or fair.

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