Ignoring family ties: is it really best for children?

Adoption is the ultimate for of child abuse. While adopters say the child was "Chosen", the child has no say in the matter. Is it any surprise then that the failure rate of adoption is as high as 1 in 4? Or that the suicide rate is very high? Or that there are probably millions of people around the world suffering from a "Primal Wound" and desperate to find out who they are?

Adoption is a selfish act, you take other peoples children to raise as your own on the basis that if they were left with their family, that they might have a bad outcome in life and the almost guarantee them bad outcomes? A judge once said; "Adoption is the breaking up of one family to create another". Children are not pets that can be moved from home to home. Biology means everything, babies start their relationship with their parents in the womb. These babies do not come from "orphanages", there are very few orphanages left in the world. The Adoption Industry is a legal child-trafficking operation, there is big money to be made.

Parents lose their children on the basis of "Risk of Future Emotional Harm" in 73% of cases in the UK. "Risk" is that wonderful theory that something may (or equally may not) happen at some point in the future. A recently graduated social worker with no children and no life experience will find the reasons to remove the child, judges that are not even lawyers will make these decisions, Adoption Panels will be lied to that the parents cannot raise the child, The system needs a continuous flow of children to keep people in jobs and profit margins up for the corporations. Astoundingly, the parents are not even accused of any crime or incapacity to raise their children. There is documented evidence that LA's took children for money and even evidence that some children were "chosen" before they were even removed from their parents. Some babies were chosen at birth and cruelly removed from both parents and extended family. I find the description of the "Goodbye Meeting" in this story sanitised. Parents are expected to not show any emotion or the meeting will be terminated.

If Cameron et al support Forced Adoption, created by war criminal Tony Blair by the way, they are criminal also. The UK, the ONLY country in the EU which allows for Forced Adoption, has had a huge Refugee Crisis of UK citizens fleeing the country, usually pregnant women. When these women arrive in other countries, social workers cant understand how their counterparts in the UK can remove children on the basis or "Risk", let alone give them away to strangers. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of cases where UK parents have fled and been supported in other countries. Not that the UK hasn't pursued these people, they have also gone into foreign courts and lied that the LA's had order for child who had never even been to the UK, you cant make a legal order on a child that does not exist yet. Not that these "heroic" social workers or the adopters care, the system makes money, the adopters get a child, the child is guaranteed to have a poorer outcome than if left with family.

Hang your head in shame UK.

Source : https://profile.theguardian.com/user/id/11596259?page=1

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