Did the solicitors involved in your children's removal act as a criminal cartel?

For many years clients have repeatedly stated that their solicitors "screwed" them.  They coerced them to signing Consent Forms with fear of longer court proceedings and return of children, but then parents who did consent still never had their children returned.  Thousands of children are in foster care, when there has not been any evidence put forward to the children's courts that the parents were either neglecting or abusing their children.  And for those who don't understand the system, no evidence is required to even prove a parent bad, and that the so-called thousands of "substantiated abuse" figures of children are also bullshit - because the word substantiated can mean nothing more than a "risk of emotional neglect in the future" to the child.

Cut to the chase now, almost 50,000 kids are in care, leaving 100,000 parents and 200,000 grandparents at minimum without their family, whilst figures circulating now show that at least one in ten children in foster care are being abused.  Statistically that's a lot higher figure than even the amount of alleged substantiations of abuse of children by parents - yet nobody sees the big picture.  That is unless you are missing your children.

Alecomm has been assisting and supporting hundreds of parents over the past decade who are fighting to keep their children safe, or to get their children back from the system that has unlimited resources to pay for litigation but yet cries poor when some parent actually asks the department for assistance.  In this time we have seen solicitors wrong their clients, and children carted off to foster care, hundreds of those kids then sexually abused and some murdered.  Yet still no change.

What we realise now, is that there is a name for those solicitors who have helped gift your children to the department, and we are now heading down that road to gather as much evidence against each of these crooked child trafficking solicitors as we possibly can, in order to build and evidence Australia's biggest criminal cartel.  The legal profession.

What are the definitions of a criminal cartel and how can you detect if the solicitors involved in your case acted as one?

  • the conduct was covert
  • the conduct caused, or could have caused, large scale or serious economic harm
  • the conduct was longstanding or had, or could have had, a significant impact on the market in which the conduct occurred
  • the conduct caused, or could have caused, significant detriment to the public, or a class of the public, or caused, or could have caused, significant loss or damage to one or more customers of the alleged participants
  • one or more of the alleged participants has previously been found by a court to have participated in, or has admitted to participating in, cartel conduct either criminal or civil
  • senior representatives within the relevant corporation(s) were involved in authorising or participating in the conduct
  • the Government and thus, taxpayers, were victims of the conduct - even where the value of affected commerce is relatively low
  • the conduct involved the obstruction of justice or other collateral crimes committed in connection with the cartel activity.

The above details are from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

What are we looking for?

Parents whose children were removed prior to a court proceeding granting the department permission to remove the children.  IE Children taken on emergency orders.

What do we need?

Names of the solicitors involved - and who they worked for - and (at this point in time) the first few pages of the very first application the departments lawyer gave the courts.

We already have our first three solicitors - they're Goulburn/Wollongong based - so Care Panel solicitors for these areas are of particular interest as they can beef our very first case up so there is no denying what is happening and no squirming out of the consequences for these criminals (which we know they are).

What are some consequences for acting as a criminal cartel?

Possible penalties for individuals involved in a cartel

Individuals found guilty of cartel conduct could face criminal or civil penalties, including:

  • up to 10 years in jail and/or fines of up to $360 000 per criminal cartel offence
  • a pecuniary penalty of up to $500 000 per civil contravention.

It is illegal for a corporation to indemnify its officers against legal costs and any financial penalty.

Possible penalties for corporations involved in a cartel

For corporations, the maximum fine or pecuniary penalty for each criminal cartel offence or civil contravention (whichever applies) will be the greater of:

  • $10 000 000
  • three times the total value of the benefits obtained by one or more persons and that are reasonably attributable to the offence or contravention
  • where benefits cannot be fully determined, 10 per cent of the annual turnover of the company (including related corporate bodies) in the preceding 12 months.

Other penalties for cartel civil contraventions or criminal offences include:

  • injunctions
  • orders disqualifying a person from managing corporations
  • community service orders.

Source : https://www.accc.gov.au/business/anti-competitive-behaviour/cartels

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