Removal of child from good mum traceable to corrupt female police officer

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Female police officer disgraces the South Australian Police for corrupting two child abuse investigations, and acting against a child.

The child “must always be listened
to, believed, and investigated
before anything else.”

— Interagency Code of Practice

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, October 9, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — After a South Australian mother reported an injury on her daughter last year (2018), the female police officer that took over the investigation made no attempt to investigate the injury. The police officer (code-name ‘Demeter’) not only stalled and corrupted two investigations into child sexual abuse and assault, she colluded with the perpetrator.

The mother is about to release a book on her case — with the book coming out early September 2019.

We reported on this officer back in July, and again in August as further evidence was gathered to substantiate the extent of the malfeasance in this case.

Officer Demeter, it seems, was the principal architect in making all child protection departments involved believe it was the mother’s mental health that was the grave danger to her child – and not the child’s father's abuse (despite a previous substantiation by protection agencies in 2016). The father, to deflect suspicion on himself, accused the mother of being delusional, but the police interview with his daughter has now come to light.

In 2016 sexual abuse and exploitation by the father was substantiated by the child protection agencies, but thereafter the system and this police officer failed the child.

After blood-stained evidence went "missing" from Adelaide's CIB (Central Investigation Bureau) the clothing was not tested. It had been in fact removed by a police person — which interfered with a legal proceeding. The child, then 8, was interviewed in late 2017 by Officer Demeter. However, the officer, it seems, did not report what the young girl disclosed to her in that interview — and also did not properly inform the protection departments or the court.

Simply, the officer failed to do the right thing with regard to the child’s terrible disclosures. This action put the child back in harm's way, resulting in the child being further assaulted some five months later.

The child had been ordered back to the father by the court. After visitation, the child returned home to her mother with a significant wound.

The officer and possibly other police persons then dissuaded the protection agencies to investigate the claim by the child that she had been assaulted. Protocol requires that an assault, abuse of injury be immediately investigated. And despite photographs of a significant injury, Officer Demeter did everything to delay, and not investigate the injury.

Then knowing that the child was happy to be with the mother, the officer helped to destroy the mother's good reputation, resulting in the child’s life to be changed forever. It appears that Officer Demeter colluded with the perpetrator, the father, to totally fabricate mental health “evidence” to claim that the mother was suffering a psychiatric disorder, and that she had coached the child. These can now be proved to be impossible claims.

A month after the assault had been reported the child protection department came in and removed the child from her mother. The child and mother are still separated, and the protection department is planning to reunify the child with her father.

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Source : https://www.todayinlaw.com/2019/10/08/removal-of-child-from-good-mum-traceable-to-corrupt-female-police-officer/

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