"Ex-Victoria child protection worker now menacing Queensland parents"

This woman is Sarah Bebbington, she was formerly known as Sarah Streeter when she was working for DHS Victoria.  This lady has been allowed to submit into affidavits uncorroborated medical statements about a mother, which in turn were used to remove her six week old baby.

Sarah Bebbington accused a mother of having cardiomyopathy, tracheitis and was repeatedly allowed to use such information in front of various Victorian magistrates over the past four years as the initial and main reason for removing the baby from the mother.

The mother did have tracheitis and epilepsy, but the medication she was on resolved the issues.  Unfortunately no matter how many times this matter was brought to the attention of the courts, the lies and gross exaggerations of this woman went unpunished.  Instead the mother was punished.

This case was also dragged out well over two years on interim orders, which at the time in Victoria, legislation forbid, and meant that the child was not under the care of DHS Victoria at all.  The caseworkers lawyer continued to tell further magistrates when this matter was brought up that there were orders in place assuring them that the now boy, was legally in the care of the department.  Even though they could never produce any paperwork as evidence of their alleged orders.

The perjury mounted and the witch-hunt continued.  Since then, the boy has been hospitalised multiple times, once even including a fractured collar bone.  Of course the caseworkers backed up the foster carers statements and regardless of the long list of illnesses and injuries, this boy remains in his placement till this day.

Sarah Bebbington has now relocated with her family to Queensland - so beware parents in the Sunshine State, it is about to rain down hard.

Any and all information regarding this case - including medical history of the mother, and affidavits full of lies by this caseworker, are available at the request of legally qualified personnel who may be interested in assisting this mother and child in reuniting.

And for the record, this case breaks all legislation including the legal requirement that DHS must evidence in writing exactly what steps they took to prevent the removal of the child.  This is a requirement of a disposition report, of which all six in this case do not show any steps taken to prevent the removal. 

We are sure there are hundreds, possibly thousands of other cases like this in Victoria and would love to hear from other parents / mothers who have suffered at the hands of rogue child protection workers who are allowed to violate the law without any consequence ever.

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+2 #1 Policydeano3433 2014-11-04 05:42
This story is typical of family court policy. And that is what should first be changed. I doubt you will ever change DOCS while we have outdated attitudes like those of that Family court whom encourage and then go on to reward perjury. DOCS understand this and so follow suit at the child/children' s peril. I've had exactly that same approach 10 years ago with a court reporter by the name of Valma Johnson whom lied in support of the opposing parent. The courts are simply not interested in changing and in my opinion also put the children second to national policy. Change the Family Court change the world would be a good slogan.

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