Justice for Kyisha Griffiths Cottom

Kyisha Griffiths Cottom was removed from her mother by the NSW Department of Community Services because she was a victim of domestic violence.

Like most cases involving DoCS, the mother was crucified, not offered any assistance or support to be able to leave the situation, and she was turned instantly into a surrogate for the system that pretends to care for children and families.

Caseworkers chose their normal "modus operandi", and just ripped the kids from the parent who loved them, gave them to complete strangers and tried to pretend that they just have a complete new family now, and this stranger who is female, they must refer to now as "mummy".

In the time period that Kyisha was "under the care" of the department, she was moved around more times than fifteen foster homes - not exactly stable now is it.  She was then repeatedly returned to Allambi House Group Home which is where she died of a drug overdose.

For months proceeding the death of Kyisha, the department refused to let her see her mother.  Their disgusting reason being "the child is too traumatised after she see's her mother", and "the child wants to go home", was the typical response for denying this poor girl any contact at all with her family. 

This is typical behaviour and actions of the department - do not for one second think this case is not typical.  Thousands of children are being denied seeing their parents because they get upset and want to go home, or because there is evidence of abuse to the child which the parents have complained about.Staff at the Allambi Group home have not been charged for negligent homocide or wrecklessness causing a child death, yet any parents whom have children die in their care seem to get extreme sentencing - even those who needlessly stated to caseworkers that they did not want care of their children.

 Legislation states that any child who dies under suspicious circumstances, and in the care of the state, must have a coronial inquiry regarding the death.  However the (god-like) NSW Department of Community Services didn't have to even bother with the coronial inquiry - which is probably just a savings to the taxpayers of NSW because we know that all other inquiries involving deaths of children under state care are just used to coverup the truth, and let all those responsible for the death of this beautiful young girl, get away with ... well, murder.

After all, how else can you explain it, when they decided that the mother wasn't good enough to look after her own child, but the state was, and they let her recklessly die.


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