MP Gabrielle Upton, NSW FACS minister is silencing parents when kids go missing in foster care

Image result for child protection more concerned about keeping face than protecting childrenRumour has it, that the most recent three year old child being plastered all over the media as missing has actually gone missing from his foster care placement, and that Gabrielle Upton has attempted to use a media gag on people who want to tell the truth about this child.  Many of us were wondering why there have been no specifics about the case, for example, nothing has been mentioned about the childs family - and this is why. 

Now the media are being forced to lie (so to speak) because they already released the name and photo of the child referred to ... and are saying that the child went missing from his grandmothers (when it wasn't).  How cruel a woman could be, that she would use her powers, to prevent a family who have already experienced the horrors of child protection, from being able to discuss the fact that their toddler has mysteriously disappeared from the foster placement.

Why have there been no inquiries into the foster family, and why aren't the parents being given any support at all to deal with the fact that the system that took their child from them has more than likely been responsible for the death of their child.

These are the matters that need to be told to the senate - the cases where child protection in Australia, and worldwide is completely out of control, yet so many people are fearful to come forward because the government has allowed them such evil reign for so long - and that even ministers in the respective departments use their power to silence victims of their horrific decisions.

Alecomm is seeking that all unlawful gags placed on parents [and anybody else, for that matter] be immediately withdrawn, as this has absolutely nothing to do with the protection of this child, nor national security - and is more proof that this department cares more about self-preservation than it does about "families and children" . This is a public interest disclosure made in accordance under the Public Interest Disclosure Act.


#1 OffendedGuest 2015-03-11 23:03
As a foster carer, let me tell you the "extent of the horrors" that these children experience, prior to be taken away from their parents by child protection.
Of course One can never judge or assume anything about these parents, as in most cases, the same horrors were inflicted upon them as children and they don't know any better or cannot get out of the vicious cycle.
I take offense to the notion that child protection in this country "is completely out of control" and the suggestion that this disappearance is not an isolated case; a) that the boy has gone missing from his foster home, b) that there is no investigation of the carers and c) there has been no support offered to the parents. How would you know?
Child protection is not out of control, the need for children to be protected IS out of control. And It's getting worse.
The truth is, there could be any number of reasons this minister has put a media gag on this case, one of which could be that they are close to cracking it. It's not unusual for the police to put a stop to media publications on particular cases. It happens every day.
Let me also say, the investigation and process you have to go through to be a foster carer these days is extremely thorough & stringent. It's also a difficult task, these aren't easy kids with no issues. Carers don't get paid a quarter of what it's worth, nor what it costs them. The only reward is in the small victories and in knowing that for a short time, you could provide them with something better.

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