The death of advocates involved in exposing child protection corruption

Those who have died exposing child protection corruption:

An ex- Georgian (US) Senator Nancy Schaeffer was a leading advocate against child protection corruption, working tirelessly to both expose and change the system.  She appears to be the first in a growing list of those being murdered to coverup corruption in the child protection racquet.  

A few days before Schaefer’s death, she announced the completion of a four-year documentary project she had personally funded to expose names and crimes against children.  Following her death, the documentary failed to surface.  Its whereabouts is still unknown.  Another indepth report of hers is available here.

Bill Bowen, a former firefighter and federal investigator was murdered just five months after Senator Schaeffer’s murder, and not long after the third in a series of short documentaries (“Innocence Destroyed”) on child protection corruption (reform) also. 

Bill had intended on coming to Australia not long before his death (alleged heart attack), and had dealt with many advocates here including myself.  He was compiling a longer documentary based on his earlier three, which has since disappeared also.

Martin Burns, another advocate and avid child protection investigator also died of an alleged heart attack.  

Georgia Senator Bobby Franklin was also found dead in his home – he too apparently died of a massive heart attack.  He was an advocate against child abuse and friend of Nancy Schaeffer and Bill Bowen.

Georgia Politician Robert Brown was also found dead in his home, with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.  Similar to how Senator Nancy Schaeffer’s husband died, after he apparently murdered his wife of many years.

In fact in a two year period, three Georgian senators all suffered suspicious deaths.

There are millions of reasons that those in the child protection industry do not want it exposed.  The money being made by those on the gravy train is huge, and nobody wants to lose their paydays.  Unfortunately, as a result there have already been casualties.


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