"DHS Victoria allowed unlimited Bites at the Apple"

It must be good to be the king!Why is it that DHS Victoria are allowed multiple bites at the apple, fully funded by the tax-payers, when the public have to scrounge for the most basic legal aid assistance?

Recent documentation shows that DHS Victoria, namely Albury & Wodonga, have had over twenty FAILED attempts at proving a baby was in need.

There has never been any establishment to even prove that there was a need for the child to be in protection in any case, and furthermore all orders relating to the child - who is now three years old - are expired.

DHS Victoria still refuse to hand the child back to the mother.

It would appear that legal kidnap is happening here because they haven't proven that there was a need for the child to be placed in foster care in the first place, and the hearing that should have happened over two years ago to prove this, has an appeal in place for the same amount of time.

This means that DHS are currently being allowed to adjourn matters where there is no orders, and and continue to make out there is a case when there is not, to keep a child in care, that they haven't even proven need care in the first place.

Must be good to be the king!

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