AT least one child in state care dies every fortnight and another 20 are involved in assaults in Victoria.

[How Victoria let down 610 children who needed help the most].

AT least one child in state care dies every fortnight and another 20 are involved in assaults in Victoria.

A shock new report reveals 27 children died in the past year while in the care of child protection workers, or soon after leaving.

The deaths of another five children who were known to the Department of Human Services were also investigated last year.

It has also been revealed 583 of the state's most vulnerable and disadvantaged children were assaulted or attacked others while in care during 2010-11.

The grim reality facing the state's most endangered children is being exposed for the first time by the Baillieu Government in an attempt to improve their lot.

Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge has ordered Category One Incidents in the child protection system be listed on the DHS website from today."We are publishing this information so the Victorian community has a greater understanding of why reform of the child protection system is desperately needed," she said.

"These figures reflect the impact and extent of abuse and neglect and underline why as a Government we are committed to improving the outcomes for vulnerable children."

The Herald Sun can reveal more than that 8400 at-risk children were placed in out-of-home care last year - a jump on about 6000 cases reported in previous years.

Figures released today will show that 79 of those children displayed dangerous behaviour that put themselves and others at risk.

There were 551 "other" incidents involving children absconding, using drugs or alcohol, or attempting self-harm.

Earlier this year, Premier Ted Baillieu launched an inquiry into systemic problems with child protection.

Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary praised the Coalition for lifting the veil on issues confronting the state's most vulnerable children, saying community awareness would make the Government more responsible.

"Category One incidents are really an indication of where we are with our services - and we are struggling," he said.

"These are a bunch of kids who carry with them a really, really difficult journey and we do our best - but I believe we can do better in making their lives happier."

Originally published as Victoria's child care shame revealed

Source : https://www.heraldsun.com.au/archive/news/how-victoria-let-down-610-children-who-needed-help-the-most/news-story/af12efea8c6cb747854453c71b8abeda

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