Four options available to anyone unfortunate enough to be Tagged by the Department of Child Abduction

Option 1: If you can get access to alot of dollars, get a decent QC. The earlier in the game, the better. But, even then, it depends on what has already been said and done by the child slavers, as this tends to create a problem, even for a seasoned lawyer. The child slavers have a beaut knack for dragging things on, if they really desire your child, to break the emotional connection between parent and child, to control the child, and indirectly, you... and this to you, means lengthy heartache and alot more money. So, to keep it short, with a QC, you'd be looking at anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000 to wasted money and still no children home.. until they’re 18 and totally stuffed physically and psychologically. 

Option 2: Make arrangements with friends, or "find" new friends that will assist you to "get" your children back and support you all with board/lodging and effectively hide yas until you can sort it out on the slavers battlefield (court). At least, that way, you maintain your family connection (bond) and if you get kids back early enough, the slavers would not have had enough time to screw with them (in multiple ways).

Option 3: Accept some free time, state government paid, in a new room, after you give in to your primal instincts to protect your family, and do some serious damage to those that stole ya kids. Depending on your level of aggression, you'll either be out in time to get back to the pub n wait a few more years to see your kids, at which point you can explain why you had to hurt people (most young humans will understand)... or you'll get out when they adults, and they can take you to the rubbidy. 

Option 4: Sit at home, be a snivelling git, kiss the slavers arses like a dog and hope they take pitty instead of a sneer, and you may get ya kids back... after you aggree with the slavers that you are an awful parent, a useless human being, let go of all pride, and sign a paper agreement that you'll never get pregnant again, and further aggree that in the meantime you will release your children to the slavers for a day here n there, to keep old men happy. 

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