"Ten reasons to vote NO to constitutional recognition"

No to Constutition Recognition bb912Ten Reasons why it's okay to Vote No:

1. Because the governments recognition campaign is seeking support for the amendments to the constitution when the exact wording hasn't actually been shown to the public yet. Therefore the public is being asked to blindly support the recognition campaign without the full details of what they are really endorsing and supporting.

2. Because adding the original people of this continent to the Australian Governments constitution without their consent is unlawful, unethical and socially wrong.

3. Because the issue of a 'Treaty' between the original peoples of this continent and the occupying Australian government peoples needs to be addressed because sovereignty has never been ceded.

4. Because the original people of this country deserve better and deserve the right of self determination and to be fully (all tribes) involved and consulted in everything that will impact on their lives, communities and their homelands.

5. Because the Australian Nation has a big question mark over it about where it claims to derive it sovereignty from because the original peoples of the land have never ceded it to the occupying governments.

6. Because the government is introducing austerity measures on the Australian people and have cut around $540 million from Indigenous service provision yet has spent and will in total have pumped around $700 million into their campaign to have a referendum to add the original peoples to their constitution.

7. Because it will not liberate the country from it racist bigotry, as the current Liberal government in power are seeking to scrap parts of the racial discrimination act to make it legal for bigots to vilify people based on their cultural heritage and background. Therefore trying to remove racist content in the consitution is a moot point for the government.

8. Because this country needs to deal with the issue of sovereignty first, and then deal with its racist and outdated constitution after.

9. Because this country needs to seriously ask its self why it's still attached to the British crown as head of state and deal with its own nationhood issues first.

10. Because why do we let the government set the agenda for the original people of this continent, when they do not lawfully represent them at all and the government cannot be trusted and has a track record of screwing over people, especially the original peoples of the land.

If you have to vote, then vote no, because the first peoples of the land do not fully consent to being in the constitution in the first place and this should be the first thing that should of been dealt with. Self determination is a human right and everyone is entitled to it, therefore all the tribes deserve and are entitled to their own system of self governance to be in place so all of their people can make fully informed decision and make a consensus on all issues pertaining to them and their lands and waters ways.

Everyone is encouraged to leave a statement about why they would vote no to Constituional Recgonition too. Those who want to vote yes are encouraged to join the discussion too.

Please note: That people who choose not to vote at all; then great because not participating in the government Constitutional referendum is the best thing to do because the people of the original tribes have no obligation to vote in a fraudulent system of government.  (Source : https://www.facebook.com/VotenoToConstitutionalChange/photos/a.353446334725850.77935.350355421701608/665084686895345/?type=1&theater)

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