"Parents’ right to information concerning progress and development of their children"

Right to informationA 604aeChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 - Chapter 8 - Part 5 - Section 163 - The designated agency having supervisory responsibility for a child or young person in out-of-home care must inform the parents of the child or young person as to the progress and development of the child or young person.

This means that each and every parent has the right to be informed about their child.  This should include each and every medical injury, school review / exam, sports awards, daily activities etc.  Legislation must be passed to ensure this, as DHS workers continue to deny the rights of parents to know such things.  And the only reasons they do this, is because the child is not faring well under the care of the Director-General, or they are being abused.  (Of which Alecomm has much evidence to substantiate these statements).

Either the DG or the Childrens Court MUST be forced to ensure that Care Plans are created that include such stipulations to ensure contravention of this legislation is stopped immediately, and each care plan etc that does not contain such information MUST be reviewed.

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