"Children's Commissioner to mandate schools reporting of sexual misconduct of serious physical assault on a child"

The Children's Commissioner has taken a good step in mandating that schools notify of sexual misconduct with a child and or serious physical assault - however is it possible to push for schools to notify of any allegations of sexual misconduct.

The reason behind this - is that the whole adult / child power imbalance will no doubtedly find the adult not guilty of sexual misconduct by investigation by schools - as they do not want their reputation tarnished - and will often chose to let the offender "go".

This offender may drift from school to school committing offence after offence, without notice UNLESS the schools are required to notify of any allegations made about the (alleged) offender.

After a period of time, there would no doubt be a trail that could easily identify a perpetrator that schools were chosing to cover up for.

Put simply, imagine how many children would not have been abused by church and clergy if they were made to report under the same guidelines.  Priests wouldn't have been able to move around the country / world abusing children whilst the churches covered up the crimes in order to save face.

If the safety of children is to come first, then we must take all steps to prevent abuse before it happens.  

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