"Today Systemic Judicial corruption is International Organized Crime. "

expose judicial corruption ed878We have a judicial system that suppress and intimidates the public

(A).We have judicial members that are working to promote international treaties

(B) that attack the constitution (Clinton and Obama). We have lawyers and law firms promoting

(C) other lawyers into our legislation in violation of the seperation of power. We have lawyers making laws that violate the conflict of interest rules and laws

(D), they or family members have economic gain. We have systemic abuse of the public interest with lawyers and judges

(E) neglecting their responsibilty to enforce misconduct rules and prosecute lawyers and judges for crimes. How many Children, parents and grandparents will they continue to kill and abuse? Unite to hold them accountable! Systemic abuse is against the law!

Here is the goverments International Organized crime outline:

A. In at least part of their activities they commit violence or other acts which are likely to intimidate, or make actual or implicit threats to do so;

B. They exploit differences between countries to further their objectives, enriching their organization, expanding its power, and/or avoiding detection and apprehension;

C. They attempt to gain influence in government, politics and commerce through corrupt as well as legitimate means;

D. They have economic gain as their primary goal, not only from patently illegal activities but also from investment in legitimate business; and

E. They attempt to insulate both their leadership and membership from detection, sanction, and/or prosecution through their organizational structure.  (Source : https://www.facebook.com/pages/FAR-CPS-National-Protest-Project-Group/159980980822528)

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