"NGOs who allowed babies to be used as guinea pigs in medical experiments for profit"

Medical experiments (c. 1945 - c. 1970)

c. 1945
c. 1970


During the twentieth century, babies and children in Victorian orphanages and Homes were used as subjects for medical experiments. Reports from the Senate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care contained details of studies carried out by the Walter and Eliza Hill Institute and the Commonwealth Serum Laboratory (CSL) between 1945 and 1970. One reason given for the use of children in institutions in medical trials was that this group of children was particularly vulnerable to epidemics. Journalists at the Age newspaper investigated these experiments in 1997. A report written by the Department of Human Services in November 1997 considered the issue of who had given consent for these children's participation in the medical trials. The report found that 'it is likely that the research institutes gained consent to conduct the research from staff responsible for the institutions and possibly in one case, from a Departmental employee'.

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(Source : http://www.findandconnect.gov.au/vic/biogs/E000503b.htm)

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