"The Effects of Adoption on Your Baby: "

child snatchers 5c41dIf you surrender / or lose your baby to adoption, you will be condemning him or her to suffer these proven harmful effects:

1.  The severe trauma of being separated from you will radiate throughout every aspect of your baby's life. Your baby will experience your loss as the psychological death of his mother. There will never be closure.

2.  Your baby will know the difference between you and his female adopter because he has bonded with you during your pregnancy. He knows your scent and your heartbeat. He seaches for the smell of your milk - not hers.

3.  Your baby will feel abandoned by you, often resulting in a lifelong inability to trust anyone.

4.  Your baby will always wonder why you didn't keep him and will blame himself for not being lovable enough to keep - a todder's realization that they were adopted. Many adult adopted people find they still carry this feeling inside - and it influences adult relationships (see Relinquishment and Intimacy)

5.  As your baby grows up, your child may feel like a misfit and will suffer from low self esteem.

6.  Your child may think about you constantly. This may cause your child to have difficulty concentrating on his schoolwork. Your child will be labeled a "dreamer" and a "bad student," further harming his chances for success in life.

7.  Your child's adopters may not understand his lack of concentration and he could easily be misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). If misdiagnosed, they will force your child to take drugs that he doesn't need.

8.  Your child will lose his true identity while his adopters try to force him to be like them.

9.  Your child will have no sense of his past which will make it difficult for him to envision his future.

10. Your child may suppress his true feelings and live an emotionally-numb life in order to survive the tragedy of his separation from you compounded by his adoption.

11. As your child becomes an adolescent he will have great difficulty establishing a sense of self because he will have no sense of his true history or heritage.

12. As your child becomes an adult he may have difficulty choosing a career and a mate due to his fear of commitment and abandonment.

13. Your child's adopters will probably not acknowledge that raising an adopted child is different from raising a child of their own. They will further burden him by telling him that he should forget about you and be grateful that they adopted him and gave him a home because you did not. 

14. Nothing anyone does or says can ever make up for the loss of your child's first family! 

15. You will never be able to change the past and undo the lifelong adverse effects of adoption on your child!

How do we know this?  Because we are a twenty five reunited mothers who have consistently witnessed first-hand these consequences in our found-children and the children of several hundred other natural mothers.  (Source : http://www.exiledmothers.com/adoption_facts/adoption_damage_to_children.html)


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