"Australian Institute of Family Services ICL Research slowly appearing to be a Cartel Style Sham!"

april foolAIFS staff contacted Alecomm this morning - to state they are (basically) handpicking who they want to ask about the survey into how effective the ICLs are in their role.  AIFS state they are refusing to consider our survey questions which specifically address the issue - are the ICLs doing their job properly.

Alecomm stated that AIFS were doing their research Cartel style and it was against the law, as as they are choosing who they want to ask, and as it is from only certain categories whom they have chosen, and that they profit from this, etc they are also choosing the outcomes.  This is against the law and cartel style.  

AIFS disagreed and requested that we state our surveys are nothing to do with them.  Alecomm never stated exactly that, we stated that they are not asking everybody who wants to have input and are spending more time on magistrate and lawyers - who only profit from the system - and that we were directing our surveys to the attorney general who commissioned the research in the first place.  

AIFS tried to state that we stated that our stuff is being included in their survey - which it is not - our survey goes direct to the attorney general because AIFS refused to provide an email address so they too could receive all the data submitted anonymously by parents / etc whom wanted to be part of the survey.

Our research study contains wide questions that are not discriminatory in any form but concentrate wholey on whether or not the ICLs are abiding by the legislation and their legal practitioners guidelines etc --- as these are the things that determine if they are doing a good job.  (Which we all know they are not).

The initial statement by the AG stated that CONSIDERATION was being taken into from points of view from magistates, icls also but the main part was from parents and children.

AIFS ARE FAILING TO DO THIS, and have freely admitted, thus admitting to fradulently obtaining government funds for the purpose of Cartel style operations.

AIFS have now supplied an email address - in which every form submitted online has been sent to.  However, after receiving fifty anonymous surveys,  our servers were banned from sending to them, in which AIFS claim "we have not done".

AIFS are in receipt of half a million dollars to, in the end, produce a nice big report that does not reflect the truth, whilst Alecomm produced an extremely simple survey, open to everybody involved with the independent children's representative, that openly and honestly reflects the subject of the research, and get FA.

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