"Four Italian Girls - Press Release October 7 2012"


The events involving the forceful return of the 4 girls in our family during the past four days has rocked the four girls mother, Laura and our family to the very core.

Since their return to Italy, I am deeply saddened to say the situation has worsened. In particular the latest incident which took place at the home of the girl’s father has given us new and heightened cause for concern over the welfare of our four beautiful girls.


Since the two younger girls arrived in Italy, Laura has been trying to contact the girls by calling the father on all the telephone numbers she has. I am very sorry to say that the girls still are yet to have a phone visit with their mother since their return. The father has answered her phone calls, then immediately hung up on her, or he simply does not answer her calls. She rings constantly but to no avail. She knows the girls will want to hear from her, so that she can reassure them and comfort them as to what is happening.

It should not be forgotten that Laura has been their primary caregiver for the entirety of their lives, and this broken contact would be deeply distressing for each and every one of them. They would get some strength and comfort if they were able to talk to Laura. Sadly this is being denied to them by their father.


Ever since their arrival in Italy, we have since learned that the younger two girls are being kept apart from their older two sisters. We are all horribly distraught over this news. We understand this separation is because the father is of the opinion that the older two sisters are a bad influence on the younger two. This demonstrates his lack of understanding of their needs.

The four girls are an incredibly close unit of siblings and have a special bond with one another. The younger two look to their older two sisters for guidance, advice and strength. The older two sisters carefully watch over their younger two sisters with nurturing, care and love. The fact they are being kept apart will only create separation anxiety in them, particularly under the very difficult circumstances they are facing.


Most of you will no doubt have seen the Channel Nine report and footage released this morning. I cannot tell you how heartbreaking this is for Laura to see. This footage, coupled with the eyewitness accounts of her daughters screaming and pleading for help has torn at her heart strings as deeply as any mother could imagine.

It is clear from the footage the girls are distressed in the situation they are in. They are distressed that their father believes they are a bad influence on their younger sisters with whom they have such a close, meaningful relationship. The eyewitness accounts said they were screaming out for their mother to help them. They desperately want help.

Particularly watching the father dragging his 15 year old daughter back into the house where acts were perpetrated on the mother by the very same person, is extremely distressing beyond belief for any mother to witness. At this time the mother is deeply distressed.

We are looking at all possible avenues to help the girls and rectify this injustice that has been bought on our four lovely girls.

Four Italian Girls - Press Release 4 October 2012          Four Italian girls drama not over yet          Help Save Four Abused Girls from Being Handcuffed, Drugged and Kidnapped back to Italy to Abusive Father - Please Sign the Petition.

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