"DoCS knowingly sent innocent children to known Sex Offending Grandfather ... The Victims Statement"

child molester c2a39My daughter and son were a ward of the state under extraordinary circumstances manipulated by the perverted Grandfather threatening a QLD CMC investigation upon an innocent JAB Police officer due to an unsubstantiated report from a mentally unstable neighbour (associated to the Grandfather).

Two months later, the police escalated the unsubstantiated report to DoCS and my children were subsequently relocated to the perverted Grandfather (legally kidnapped by the Grandfather because my children were not ward of the state when he took them, DoCS became custodians the next day). The Grandfather filed for custody the next day after.

For the reason of the Grandfather’s prior history in sexual perversion and physical abuse, I recorded two interviews with DoCS, on DVD, detailing the Grandfathers prior history. Even his ex-wife (my Mother) extended stories of his sordid history on the DVD during the DoCS interviews. All of which was ignored by DoCS.

I was gaoled in remand for seven months because he bribed the children to lie to police that I was a bad parent assaulting them. I never assaulted or spanked them as I utilised in the ‘time out‘approach throughout all the 11 years as a sole father.

As the DPP had no evidence, he offered my release from goal if I admitted guilt in court. I accepted as I know my children were in jeopardy, and I could commence reunification with my children ASAP.

A month later I get a letter from DoCS, my daughter was secretly perved at naked in the shower at 11years old by the Grandfather during my seven months in goal. My son was physically assaulted at 12 years old by the Grandfather during my seven months in goal.

My daughter was told by the wife of the Grandfather to not charge him for perversion and not say anything about him secretly perving at my naked Niece in the bedroom, who visited temporarily.

My children were consequently relocated to an atrocious foster carer for six months before reunification with me.

My daughter is now 17 years old and is seriously thinking about charging her Grandfather due to his pathological path of perversion and touching children inappropriately. 

I take pride in her decision now as she didn’t have a choice when she was 11. She also wants to take DoCS to courts for compensation of the hell she went through.

If anyone can help or advise my daughter, or if there is a precedent with suing DoCS, please let us know. All I have is two DVDs of interviews verbally warning DoCS that the Grandfather is a sexual pervert and a physical abuser, and a letter from DoCS that the Grandfather perved on my daughter in the shower.

(Source : http://forums.altnews.com.au/blogs/memkate/we-are-going-take-qld-docs#comment-10167)

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