"Stop Funding the Cabal"

organised crimeIt is truly time the world's people's unite in removing the small number of criminal cabal at the top of the world order organisation.  People are waking up to who the real criminals are.  Those criminals are not from just one group of people but from families that cut across borders, nationalities belief systems, and mostly atheists.  Let's forget the differences we all have. Differences are a strong point of our collective human population.  Otherwise we may as well be robots! 

Ghandi had a solution.  It was passive resistance by peaceful means. 

  1. Stop funding the cabal.  Know how to keep ALL that you earn. 
  2. Set up Trusts and Foundations. 
  3. Learn how to use alternative methods to set off and discharge liabilities and debts. 
  4. Don't get a mortgage if you can avoid it but use alternatives - leverage. 
  5. Develop the mindset, "how can I avoid using loans or using the banks" (who are mostly the root cause of the world's ills)?
  6. Grow as much food yourself as possible or support farmers instead of big business.

If you want a better world, it's up to you and I, and the rest of us!  It's our future!


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