What is the definition of child trafficking?

The Australian Federal Police state that "Human trafficking is the physical movement of people across and within borders through deceptive means, force or coercion."

Australian child protection authorities do this, and they use the services of lawyers to ensure that this happens.  Lawyers then have the protection of the state legal services commission, ie the NSW Office of Legal Services Commission - whereby they pretend that they are an oversight authority to ensure the professionalism of their lawyers. 

They claim they:

  1. Oversees the investigation of complaints;
  2. Plays a major role in resolving consumer matters; and
  3. May take disciplinary action against a solicitor or barrister, or commence disciplinary proceedings in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) - Occupational Division.

The NSW Law Society does the same also and between these services, they are a tax burden to Australia at a cost of four million dollars per year.  But in reality, that four million dollars is NOTHING compared to the continued horror they allow to be inflicted upon thousands upon thousands of innocent children and families each year, as they refuse to bring into line the solicitors and lawyers who are also paid by the tax payers, that make their money trafficking children.

In reality, the NSW Law Society, the Bar Association and the Office of Legal Services are nothing but "enforcers" for the child traffickers who assist the state in moving our children across and within borders with force, deception and coercion.  They refuse to investigate lawyers who lie and mislead parents, who tell them that the court has made "interim orders", that the court is not legally allowed to make because of the type of removal - and put it in writing.  Then when this information is evidenced to the Legal Services Commission, some dickhead such as Roger Gimblett dismisses the complaints by stating there is no evidence.  They enforce the behaviour of the child traffickers and become part of that criminal cartel that is funded by hard working Australians - and when people stand up to them, they use threats in an attempt to silence the victims.

Roger Gimblett is now playing the "victim" in this matter because of instead of investigating and using his fifteen years of experience with the Law Society to benefit the public, he has chosen to be a lazy ass pig and to claim that there is no evidence to warrant the allegations of lawyers participating as a criminal cartel - something Alecomm has not ever claimed previously - something that should have been taken with the seriousness as such an allegation should be taken.

So, victim Roger does not like it when he is in the spotlight, and is crying poor.  Well Roger, maybe you should do the job you are getting paid to do and properly investigate the complaints of criminal lawyers - and do it with pride - as a real Aussie would.  Or is your job to protect child trafficking criminal cartel lawyers?  Because if it is, you are sure doing a good job!  Sleep well Roger, because the staff at Alecomm will, knowing that we are at least giving the public a fighting chance in dealing with the traffickers - because they know not to touch you with a fourty foot pole when seeking help from the OLSC.

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