The Family Court of Australia literally trafficks children for abuse by the thousand.

It is important that Australians understand the de facto reality that has arisen in Australia, without being noticed or commented upon by anybody: incest is no longer considered to be a crime by the Child Protection authorities, the courts, or the parliaments of this country. 

It is the nearest thing to an impossibility to have a child’s allegations of sexual abuse by a family member competently investigated: the authorities will make any excuse not to prosecute the offender.

The letter below was sent to a Federal MP who was reported in the media as being deeply opposed to child sexual abuse: there was no effective response: only a form letter from a secretary:


Dr  W. R. M. Pridgeon

Duke St Medical Centre

Grafton 2460 NSW

02  66421977





Mr Steven Irons 

MP for Swan


Dear Sir,

I was forwarded your media coverage where you were quoted as saying that child sexual abuse is abhorrent. I absolutely agree, and I write to you today begging you to use your position and influence to prevent the ongoing rape of the (children), age 11years, who have been sexually abused every year of their lives, except for the 4 years that they were fugitive with their mother (protective mother). They have been apprehended recently and sent to live with (the abusive father), their father, who the (children) have disclosed on numerous occasions has abused them.

You asked: "what country in the world says the abuse and rape of a two year old child is acceptable"

The answer, Sir, is Australia. 

While the Police and Courts investigate and prosecute child rape by strangers diligently, if not always competently, the crime of intra-familial sexual abuse is, in practical terms, impossible to prosecute and convict.

The child protection authorities and police, and most particularly the Family Court of Australia literally traffic children for abuse by the thousand. 

The appalling history of incompetence and malfeasance surrounding the complete failure to investigate the sexual abuse of the (children) is merely a cameo of a much larger problem.

(the abusive father) has a history of continuing to abuse these children despite being repeatedly confronted about his crimes: his compulsion to abuse is enormous. I see that you understand that this is the normal situation with paedophiles. 

I have written to the Queensland state authorities, the Ministers of Child Safety and Police, and the shadow ministers, and have met with a wall of silence.

Mr Stephen Bennett, shadow minister of child safety has responded saying that he has written a letter, but he will not raise this in parliament.

These children are at risk NOW, there is every likelihood they are being abused NOW, yet nothing is done.

The apprehension of (protective mother) and her children by the AFP  initially received wide medial coverage, this has been silenced. The facts of their trafficking for years of abuse is hidden from the Australian public by Section 121, which was legislation intended to protect children from prurient media coverage, and now hides the crimes of those who traffic children for abuse.

The terror being experienced by these children who are now totally under the power of their extremely violent father cannot be imagined.

Mr Irons, I understand that child sexual abuse is supposed to be a state responsibility, but the underlying problem here is the malfeasance of the Family Court of Australia, a Federal Court, these children were returned to their abuser by AFP.

And in the end, you are in the same position that I am: no decent man can turn his back on a crime as evil as child rape.

I have appended a small sample of the correspondence that have sent in my desperation about these children to the authorities who are tasked with protecting them. I have had no effective response, in most cases no response at all.

As you can see from the correspondence I have made it known to these ministers that I have sheltered these children and their mother while they were fugitive.

Thus far I have not been charged for my crime, although I am certain this must happen soon.

What happens to me is of no consequence: the important thing is that these children must be made safe.

While we have been assisting these and other children to escape abuse we have been trying to lift the veil of secrecy hiding child trafficking by exposing it on the internet.

I am writing to you Sir, to beg you, to absolutely implore you to use you position of power and authority to rescue these children from the horror they must certainly be enduring.

I am willing to meet you anywhere that you wish.

I hope and trust that you will do your best to rescue these children


Yours sincerely

Dr Russell Pridgeon

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