What developments have there been in Operation NoEthics?

Well apart from the Australian Federal Police lying and perjuring themselves in two separate court cases in the past fortnight, doctoring the transcript of a witness interview and removing detrimental statements about certain AFP officers being named as child sex abusers, probably not too much.

Patrick O’Dea, the good doctor Russell Pridgeon and others still have ankle jewellery, and aren’t allowed interstate to attend child protection conferences with other decent human beings.

There’s also huge accolades to the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions for delivering it’s biggest brief in history - around ten thousand pages of absolute rubbish that has absolutely nothing to do with the case and is merely designed to keep the judge confused with his eyes not on the ball.

Oh, they also sent our staff intimidatory letters claiming they could be a potential witness - even though all the evidence the staff members had, the AFP already have four copies of.

AND last but not least they got Border Patrol to detain out lovely Mishka Hudson at Tullamarine airport upon return from her holiday. They held her over two hours, copied her phone AGAIN, using terrorism legislation - all without a warrant.

That about covers it for now.

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