AFP dead wrong! Statistics prove jilted mothers are not lying and caselaw proves family courts protect paedophiles

It's a shame that mainstream medias’ (so-called) journalists followed suit like a bunch of lackeys, when they all jumped on the "criminal syndicate kidnapping children" bandwagon - instead of doing their own homework.

Though we are sick of hearing both women and men actually believing the rubbish mainstream media dribbles, it is a tad frustrating when people aren't smart enough to consider for one moment that what they're being told is a blatant lie, or refuse to budge from their perception of "it's another nasty woman getting back at her ex-husband".

While you're considering not reading the end of this article because it doesn't suit your current thoughts on things, here's a few points to mull over whilst the real story gets hidden.

  1. One mainstream media wrote “Pensioners and professionals are believed to be part of the syndicate, which allegedly used encrypted messages in order to avoid detection”.  "Syndicate"?  Really?  If the family court sent your children to live with or have unsupervised access with a paedophile, what would you do to help them?  Any decent human being would help, and criminalising the good guys and covering for the real criminals is an absolutely gutless act. 
  2. If mainstream media weren't so pathetic, they would do the research the staff at Alecomm have and discover, that the Australian Government and Family Law Courts routinely give paedophiles and convicted sex offenders access to their child-victims. [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6].  And let’s not forget Abbey who commit suicide after her father was charged for sexually assaulting her friend – That man had been convicted and jailed for molesting her friend - but had proclaimed his innocence and had been granted regular unsupervised access to Abby, in which he was able to repeatedly rape her. [7]
  3. In fact, while we’re on the topic of paedophiles having access to their child victims, here’s a quote direct from the mouth of Justice Carmody. “There is no presumption or a priori rule that even gross misbehaviour such as child sexual abuse or family violence disqualifies the offending parent or puts up an insurmountable barrier in the way of having contact with a child victim”. [8] 
  4. But wait, there’s more.  He then went on to [very ignorantly, or not] state, “Carmody J at 388 also ignorantly stated “Child sexual abuse is a crime and thrives in the darkness of childhood silence. Once detected the crime is much harder to repeat”.  YES, these are the people making decisions about the best interests of a child – and your child could be next. Seriously?  This is one of our highly esteemed justices - claiming outright that once a paedophile has been caught, they're not likely to reoffend.  Umm Carmody, do you really believe this bullshit or do you not think that these judgements would ever be read and scrutinised by the public.  Yes, he actually said that.
  5. Pridgeon - who was arrested at his home in Grafton, New South Wales on Wednesday - is a GP and founded the Australian Antipaedophile Party.  He allegedly used Commonwealth money to create a network of 40 people which were part of the operation.  Police allege O'Dea, who was also arrested on Wednesday, was given the job of driving around Australia for days at a time to pick up women and their children.  According to who?  A disgraced private investigator (Chapman), who works for will work for anybody willing to pay him, including the paedophiles themselves?
  6. It is alleged Pridgeon ran a Facebook page where women would send messages asking to escape from men they claimed to be paedophiles.  Okay, now here's where it gets interesting ... Surely the mainstream media is aware that one in four girls is sexually assaulted by the time they are sixteen. The figures aren't much different for boys.  In fact, one in three girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. [9]
  7. Given that 24% of abuse cases in the family court are allegations of sexual assault, [10] we'd say the figures match the statistics - meaning it isn't statistically possible that all these women are lying and or jilted.  In fact what it does mean is that every time a magistrate calls a protective mother a liar in the federal and family courts, and gives access or custody to the alleged perpetrator, there’s a hundred percent chance that child is going to be sexually abused.  The statistics don’t lie.  Additionally, it also backs up evidence by Professor Freda Briggs’ claim that “1 in 3 girls are sexually abused before they leave school”, and these statistics have nothing to do with family court. [11] 
  8. Was it planned by the “jilted” mothers, that the children allegedly “disclosed child sexual abuse” after the mother and father separated?  No, in fact the Australian Institute of Criminology states “Children often delay reporting sexual abuse for substantial periods of time. One study (cited in Lewis 2006) found that 75 percent of children waited at least a year to disclose abuse and a further 18 percent waited more than five years,” [12] so claiming that these are lies made up by jilted women does not match the data available the by AIC. 

If you have been able to make sense of what's really happening and are as horrified as we are at the punitive measures aimed at protective parents and friends, please sign the petition and share far and wide.  We need to send a strong statement that paedophilia and paedophile-sympathising judges and stakeholders have no place in family court. Click here to sign.

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