Major Bust: Heroes helping mothers arrested in sting operation

Judiciary Using Criminal Justice System to Punish Mothers’ Allies
Physician Faces 25 Years; Others Face Long Prison Terms Too

"We do it because we cannot abide the thought of children being raped…If Australians knew about what was happening [in Family Court], they would be revolted by it. The scale is vast, the problem is huge. It is very sinister." - Dr. Russell Pridgeon, facing prison for helping mothers protect their children

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"Operation Noetic"
Dr. Russell Pridgeon [pictured], Patrick O’Dea were arrested Thursday in “Operation Noetic”, a two-year sting instigated by family court judges to catch mothers in hiding and their supporters who helped them flee exes who were sexually abusing their children. Arthur Doubleday, 83, was indicted along with a 78 year-old woman, and police have threatened more arrests, effectively terrorizing the small community of brave and elderly citizens who help mothers protect their children when Family Court does not.

Dr. Pridgeon, 64, who police claim “masterminded” the “criminal child-stealing syndicate”, is charged with “conspiracy to defeat justice” and related charges. He was released on bail and is facing 25 years in prison. O’Dea was also released on bail.

Arthur Doubleday is the father of Cassie Watter, a mother who was arrested in Operation Noetic in May and she is awaiting trial, along with her mother. Cassie's case had some of the strongest evidence any child sexual abuse case can have: physical and medical evidence, disclosures to many adults and professionals who have substantiated it.

There only needs to be a preponderance of evidence to protect children in Family Court, and the evidence in Cassie’s case is far greater than that. Professor Freda Briggs, a former Scotland Yard Inspector and Australia’s most highly acclaimed expert on child sexual abuse, investigated Cassie’s case. She said the abuse likely happened and the children should be protected from their named rapist.

This operation is an abomination, a grave misuse of the criminal justice system by a judiciary intent on maintaining male entitlement to sexually assault their own children.

The police issued a statement about the arrests, disseminating the false narrative the accused are an organized criminal syndicate. They said, “The actions of this group do not protect children. What it does is potentially endanger the safety and well-being of them.” That is a blatant lie.

The police are lying to the public, distorting the truth, and omitting the part about the strong evidence which justifies the actions of the accused. Law enforcement often works with family court judges to cover up sexual abuse, and to punish and silence women and their allies.

And the media is complicit by spreading the lies and distortions. Here is a sampling of headlines:
"Cops Swoop on Child Stealing Network"
"Kidnapping ring helped jilted mothers abduct their children"
"Doctor accused of masterminding child-stealing syndicate granted bail in Brisbane"
"Parental abduction ring smashed after two-year AFP investigation"
"GP, friends allegedly helped women steal children and hide from police"

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