The AFP used terrorist legislation to detain and intimidate human rights activists

This week the Australian Federal Police used Terrorist Legislation to detain and intimidate Australian human rights advocate, Mishka Hudson. Mishka is a potential witness for the AFP’s Operation NoEthics, a state and federal, police and judiciary coverup of children being sent to live with sex offending parents via the family court.

There is no shortage of caselaw granting custody to paedophiles in family court because the mother or child dared disclose the sexual abuse, but the outting of the system has caused a ripple effect of attacks on those daring to expose the patriarchy in family courts today.

The AFP are using every possible opportunity to intimidate witnesses including myself in an effort to silence the truth.

Taxpayers should know that the AFP involved in this matter point blank refused to investigate the mountain of evidence supporting the children’s disclosures of sexual abuse and remain adamant they will charge and jail anyone who stands up against child sexual abuse by proxy of the federal courts.

This witch-hunt has cost the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars already and the feds have also been caught tampering with evidence and perjuring themselves twice in court this far.

This radio interview is Mishka’s view of how the detainment by Australian Border Force went down at Tullamarine airport just a few days ago.

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