The Children - Part One

This is the first letter in a long chain of correspondence between Dr Pridgeon and the Queensland Minister of Child Safety, while he was desperately trying to rescue these children from the custody of their abusive father.

This letter has been widely cc’d to any person who may have been in a position to help these children: THEY ALL KNEW BUT NOBODY DID ANYTHING. 

Minister Farmer’s sole response was to block Dr Pridgeon’s emails.

A commonly heard response was: “why didn’t you just go the Police/Child Protection/the courts?”. The answer is: because they use any excuse NOT TO ACT.

Criminal lawyers will tell you, in unguarded moments, that in practical terms, incestuous child sexual abuse is no longer a crime. Considering the terrible life long consequences for the abused child, this statement seems appalling, but a moments reflection will create realisation that it is a realistic and true statement: it is a nearly impossible task to prosecute the perpetrator of incestuous sexual abuse in Australia.

Australians might ask: who brought this about? 

Dr W. R. M. Pridgeon

9 Duke St

Grafton NSW 2460


Hon Dianne Farmer

Minister of Child Safety

PO Box 524


Queensland 4170


Dear Ms Farmer,

My name is Dr William Russell Massingham Pridgeon, I am a registered medical practitioner working from the Duke St Medical Centre at 9 Duke St, Grafton NSW, I have been a medical practitioner for 38 years. I am a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

I write to you on the most desperately urgent matter.

I am deeply concerned about the immediate safety and wellbeing of the (the children), now (redacted) years old, who have been fugitives from Australian law after their mother, (the protective mother) was unable to protect them from ongoing rape by their father, (the abusive father), and his friends, over the years. Finally, in desperation, (the protective mother) uplifted the children from school and fled with them.

I am one of many people who sheltered and protected them, in the four years that they were free of ongoing abuse. At various times I drove vast distances to transport them between places of safety, and when I was able find safe accommodation for them.  I sheltered them in a safe house in my locality from about Easter 2014 for more than a year.  This was one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to help these children escape the horrific abuse inflicted upon them by fiends, and enabled by Rogue Judges, lawyers and Policemen who actively hid the truth, ignored evidence, and facilitated child rape, effectively trafficking these children to paedophiles.

When the children came to me, they were starved: they wore the same size of clothes that they had been wearing when the Family Court ordered the father, (the abusive father), sole custody and sole parental responsibility in (redacted)- more than 2 years.

It was one of the great joys of my life to bring the best and most nourishing food I could find and watch these children devour it, while growing into the strong and healthy children that they should be, during the year that I cared for them.

These children reported recurrent agonisingly painful genital ulcers, which could only have been genital herpes. (redacted).

The children also reported that they bled from the rectum: Child 1 bled for about 2 weeks, and Child 2 bled for more than 8 weeks.

At no time did these children permit me to examine them, indeed it took almost a year for them to trust me, but I was able to observe Child 1 emerging in distress from the toilet, which I observed to show traces of the blood she had lost.

The father, (the abusive father), has a history of violence and abuse towards (the protective mother) and (the children).

Unbelievably, Federal Magistrate John Coker, awarded sole custody to (the abusive father) while there were AVO's in place against him for (the protective mother) and (child 2).  At no time were the people who had heard the children's disclosures of sexual abuse allowed to testify.

These children disclosed their physical and sexual abuse on numerous occasions: there were more than 40 disclosures to 14 different adults, including child psychologists, occupational therapists, general practitioners, other professionals, family and friends.

These mandatory reports were ignored. Only ONE of these people was ever interviewed by the Police. The Police investigation, so called, was a farce.

There were also twelve court appointed supervisors who were witness to the twins ongoing disclosures of sexual abuse, during (the protective mother)'s supervised contact with the children, yet they were never allowed to give evidence and were never interviewed by the Police.

When the supervisors reported the childrens disclosures to the Independant Children’s Lawyer, she passed the information to (the abusive father) immediately. The children reported being punished for each disclosure, yet they continued to disclose.  Eventually the supervisors stopped reporting the disclosures because they feared for the children.

During the two years and four months after (the protective mother) lost custody of the children she listened to her children disclose their ongoing sexual and physical abuse each week, during her supervised contacts, powerless to help them. Eventually she did what any mother would do: she rescued her daughters and fled with them.

Child Safety completely betrayed these children, although they had the power and the means to rescue them at any time.

The Police accused the children during interviews of disclosing abuse only because their mother had told them to do so. The Police lied to (the protective mother): telling her that the children had not disclosed abuse to them, when of course they had. The Police explained the children’s disclosures as “dreams”.

It is difficult to imagine a situation where there has been so much malfeasance by those public servants who are entrusted to protect children, yet as I have found out as I have become more and more involved in child protection, these scenarios are commonplace and thousands upon thousands of children have been trafficked by rogue judges in the Family Court, with the cooperation of very sinister Independant Childrens Lawyers and corrupt Court Reporters: many of the stories that reach us are worse than this one.

As you know details of Family Court matters are suppressed by Section 121, this has allowed the anarchic malfeasance of rogue judges in the Family Court to traffic children for abuse on an industrial scale. This case is merely a cameo of what is occurring daily in Family Court.

(The abusive father) apparently has a special dispensation to say what he likes on social media, even going so far as reproducing court documents on Facebook. Section 121 does not apply to him.

The (the children) are brave, they are eloquent, they are highly intelligent and while in (the abusive father)s custody previously, they continued to disclose their physical and sexual abuse despite repeated punishment.

They are older now, they are more mature and, as before, they will not be silenced.

I cannot bear to think of the horror that they are again enduring.

Yet it is their bravery and their refusal to be silenced that places them in grave and imminent danger.  I have the strongest belief that their lives are in jeopardy, and that they are enduring abuse at their father's hands as before.  Their other abusers will not allow these children to go free to testify, as Australia has witnessed very recently, children are killed to prevent their disclosures of abuse.

Minister, it is within your power to rescue these children with the stroke of a pen.  You are directly responsible for the safety and wellbeing of these children.

Please do your duty immediately.

There has been a catastrophic failure to protect these children, they have endured years of torturous rape as a consequence of this.  Your decision today is whether you want to go down in history as a party to child rape or whether you wish to rescue these children without a moments delay.

There are two crimes here: the crime of child rape, and the crimes of those who subverted the investigation and prosecution of the rape and enabled the abuse to continue for years.

Rogue judges may try to hide their crimes by hiding behind Section 121, but this is all over the internet. There is an army of protective parents who have watched their children trafficked for abuse.

This crime will not be hidden any more.

I am absolutely begging you to act immediately, without warning, and retrieve these children to a place of safety, where they can once more be safe.

Yours sincerely

Dr Russell Pridgeon


cc Ms Rosslyn Bates, Shadow Child Safety Minister

cc Hon Mark Ryan, Minister of Police

cc Mr Trevor Watts, Shadow Minister of Police

cc Hon Christian Porter, Federal Attorney General

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