Child abducting basket case or protective mother?

Image result for loving motherContrary to the untrue claims the paedophile-parent made about his former wife (the protective parent), she was an accomplished business-woman, an active community worker and a loving mother.  This protective mother :

  • received the Prime Minister’s award for service to the community;
  • was a professional businesswoman who owned a multi-disciplinary paediatric allied health practice;
  • was recognised with a Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellowship; and,
  • kept her and her children’s abuse by her husband private.

There’s much more to this case, in fact the persecution of this mother is a huge slap in the face by all those involved in the recent apology to those who were beaten, raped and sodomised whilst under the care of previous governments.

So before you make judgements or are gullible enough to believe the disproven claims that many mothers make false child sexual abuse claims to obtain “an advantage” in family court, think again.  There was no criminal syndicate abducting children, the criminal syndicate is the system that send children to live with their identified abuser.  That this is a VERY common occurrence and that there is a tonne of case law judgements backing this up. 

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