AFP linked to family court paedophilia, as concerns amongst the community grow.

Operation Noetic is not about a "Criminal Syndicate Abducting Children".  It is about paedophilia and the family court supporting it, instead of keeping our children safe. It's about magistrates and court experts and independent independent children's representatives continually making recommendations that a child spend time with a person who has been convicted of child sex abuse, or where the court has found overwhelming evidence of it, or where the paedophile has already admitted it.

It's about placing children in hostile situations, where they have already disclosed being sexually abused, and the protective parent told that if they do not encourage the relationship between the paedophile and their child-victim, that they will be seen as an uncooperating parent - and lose custody of their child.

It is about the public ignorantly believing, that after all these royal commissions, that the government actually cares about children and would never put them in harms way.  It is about children being disbelieved and called liars or kids with great imaginations, because the magistrate has an overwhelming desire to place the child in harms way with a good chance they will be repeatedly sexually assaulted by those in power purporting to care and protect them.

The reason we are still having royal commissions and apologies these days, is because we ignored the children those adults once were.  We called them liars and punished them for making up stories about such wonderful people (priests, scout-leaders, nuns etc).

The Australian Federal Police arrests of Patrick O'Dea and Dr William Russell Pridgeon and the protective mothers’ is an absolute abomination. 

Patrick and Russell have risked everything including their freedom to help prevent children from being sexual assaulted.  They're not a criminal syndicate, they're wonderful human beings acting with much humanity that our governments have never ever shown it's victims.  NOBODY I mean NOBODY would risk a 25 year prison term just to get back at asomeone else's ex.

Do you really believe these men, of such calibre would act as a "criminal syndicate" to deliberately harm children?  Never.  These men have always taken their oaths to do no harm seriously.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for our govenrments.

The ongoing royal commissions into child sexual abuse had deliberate and focussed terms of reference - so it would never include the failures of child protection and the family law system.  Unfortunately the children being sexually abused now at the hands of the family court protecting child predators is no different to the filth that the royal commissions are already uncovering - because the institutions responsible for their ongoing sexual abuse are concealing the crimes being committed - so it can hand vulnerable already abused children over to their rapists.

This is nothing new.  It has happened since the government first decided it was better at looking after the vulnerable than the community.

If Christian Porter, the current attorney general, refuses to protect the children and their protectors, and drop the charges that have been instigated by the paedophiles in family court, then he too is part of the REAL criminal syndicate who are trafficking children for child sex abuse direct to their perpetrators.  He too will not be able to claim in future decades that he did not know what was going on.  So is he going to man up and tackle this issue head on, or is he going to wait to be made criminally responsible sometime down the track. 

In many states, failure to protect a child from harm is an offence.  What these men and their mothers were doing is absolutely in accordance with the law, and anything else they are being falsely charged with shows nothing but conspiracy to silence the voices of the vulnerable children.

These children and mothers MUST be supported, believed and applauded for their courage and actions in protecting their children because of the inaction of those in government - AGAIN.

Please sign the petition in support of Patrick O'Dea and Dr Pridgeon and Cassie Watters, and help send a strong message that Australia has had enough of the establishment protecting the paedophiles and child abusers.  Sorry's now mean absolutely nothing when the same behaviour is coming from the same government. Click here to sign the petition

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