Jonah Rief toke a pic of his mum Tammy Rief. Please like and share our Find Jonah Rief page in hopes someone may have seen him. We are still trying to figure out how they got away with making Tammy Rief have to fight for custody of her son from a man who was nothing at all to Jonah Rief - then handed Jonah Rief into the hands of child traffickers. That's who the man was lying about -  being Jonah’s fathfat when he wasn't anything at all to Jonah Rief.  The judges, legal officials, noone would listen to Tammy. They kept making her fight for custody of her son Jonah Rief and she should never even had to do this !!

But ending up having to do all that, share custody with a man who was nothing at all to her son, not even a boyfriend to Jonah’s Mother!!!  Tammy had enough of waiting on the legal system to help her and her son Jonah Rief, so she decided to do what any loving parent would do, she grabbed her son and ran with him , she was forced into doing something she should never have had to even think about must less do it!!! Then they throw her in jail in NC for doing what the law and judges were supposed to do! Protect the innocent!

This is is just a portion of what Tammy Rief and Jonah went through before they finally trafficked Jonah Rief out of the USA with the help of California judges and other legal officials. So it's going on the 6 years and Tammy Rief is still searching for her son, I would think California would at least get off there ass and try finding her son !!!! Since they are the very reason he was trafficked!

Shame on all of you Judges and the state of California! How could you? Why did you? Because there is no other reason a woman should lose a child to a con man, claiming he's the father and not even look at Tammy Rief evidence!!!! So there is no other choice than to believe the judges, and legal officials all were in on it. So I need to ask them, How do they sleep, how can they look at their  own children, knowing what they did to Jonah Rief and his mother! How can they not feel responsible for it when they are! Well since they like to hurt let us tell you, Tammy Rief’s life stopped the day her son disappeared! It's all ongoing nightmare! For Tammy Riefs’ mother and father as well.

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