F**ked up FACS workers.

Why is it that when FACS remove kids from slightly dysfunctional families, they refuse to concede the effort the parents put in, or ever send them home.

You've given up drugs, you're doing counselling etc. putting it straight ... Do they want to sentence the kids to a lifetime of misery in OOHC?

Poorer life outcomes, more likely to take illicit drugs and alcoholism, more likely to be jailed?

You've done everything they've asked so why do they want to fuck your kids life up anymore than they have via the traumatic way they removed them.

The kids have run away, they are screaming to come home. They're extremely traumatised with what FACS did. That's not the least intrusive method.

The kids are miserable. They need to do the right thing and send them home.  All evidence proves that even kids from slightly dysfunctional families fare much better than if shoved in foster prison. 

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